Friday, 31 May 2013

in dusk and light

we had rambled through the city
losing ourselves
in left turns

when we should have gone right

and, at last,
came to a spot
where we could look back
at the pastel skyscape settling softly

into satin ribbons
and gossamer reflections
on sleepy, restful ripples

unreal in dusk and light

not at all, like,
the place we had come from 

photo:  Vancouver Cityscape – W. Bourke 

© 2013 Wendy Bourke


  1. Wow Wendy, what a great shot. Love how you capture the mood in your words.

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. I'm not very intuitive with technology at all - and find myself miles behind the blogging curve. But one of my sons loaded Picasa software on my computer, showed me how to download my pictures (probably so I'd stop making him do it) and I am hooked. So fun. (Now if I can just get him to help me figure out what a "circle" is . . . I keep getting emails from people who want to add to one. Next month's lesson, I guess.