Monday, 8 July 2013

the morning after that night before

the night before,
heat lightening lit up the sky -

beautiful -
in ethereal bursts of blinking, far off, mountain scapes -  
there - and then . . . 
not there.

wondrous and profoundly moving,  
though, I couldn’t put into words 
the reason why:

it conferred a lovely peace,  
and I slept like a child - in the soothing astral hush.

when I awoke: 
I was filled with a lightness of heart -

and, having assured myself,  
that the ranges were still solidly plunked 
where I had last seen them plunked 
in the phantasmagoric night

I set off, at once,  
in search of earth and trees and sky 
to wander for a bit

in the cheery green and sunshine  
of a good morning

where all troubles have been transcended –  
and are . . . nothing.

photo:  Deer Lake Park Pond – W. Bourke
© 2013 Wendy Bourke


  1. This is something I wish I could have seen. Sounds lovely! Hope you all stay cool!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. I have only witnessed heat lightening a handful of times in my life - and most of those were in Thunder Bay in Northern, Ontario. The name says it all: big summer lightening and thunder storms, Northern Lights and (every once in a great many summers) - heat lightening. It it very moving to behold; other worldly - spiritual, really.