Monday, 16 December 2013

trekking through the city

in the steel and girders
of the city, I feel lost:

a woman who doesn’t suit
the sharp angular place
she has awoken to.

as if I have blithely,
out of my cozy world

and into an outer space station
– horribly miscast – amongst
the starship young and sleek and fit,

trekking my way through
a shuttling labyrinth
of rigid pinnacles
and monolithic slabs of ice,

in search of an exit.
wondering:  what is this strange form of life?

though, yellow cabs that zoom about,
hospitably, holding out offers of escape
– in mellow lemon putt-putts –
cheer and settle me, immensely.

even so, whenever I am there,
I hunger . . .
for a piece of fruit. 

photos:  Jack Poole Plaza at the Vancouver Convention Centre – W. Bourke

Cabs at Waterfront Station - W. Bourke

 © 2013 Wendy Bourke 


  1. for a piece of fruit - love it!

    a woman who doesn’t suit
    the sharp angular place - just the right words, and I can identify!

    yellow cabs that zoom about - nice touch, some hope for all of us!

  2. Love those yellow cabs, zipping about, always there to putt-putt us off - and away.

  3. It does seem to be a jungle of sorts--no wonder you crave fruit ;-) Nice little snapshot of life in your words. Great photo too.

  4. It is very beautiful - in a "form follows function" modern/industrial 20th century architectural design, sort of way. Though, not for everyone - I think.