Tuesday, 21 January 2014

between the busy spaces

I was a tourist
in the twilight
when the quiet fell
transcendent as a prayer

and, I thought,
I should like to live there
for a bit
and sit staring

down into pansy faces
poking comical, buoyant nods 
from behind the closing evening curtain

or rest my head back
and look up at the spirit clouds
drifting in ghostly light ethereal
white streaks and scurries

across the abiding, deepening blue –
deeper, deeper – dusk
to darkest night time sky

and just
let the astonishment fall
like a ragged breathy sigh:

like a mystery
that unfolds

between the busy spaces 

Photos:  Sanctuary – W. Bourke (these photos were taken in a little sanctuary – tucked away off of Hornby, next to the Bill Reid Gallery featuring contemporary Aboriginal art of the Northwest Coast.  In the top photo, the oxidized copper roof of the Hotel Vancouver can be seen through the grid of a sunroof overhang.) 

© 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. Oh this has such a nice, transcendent, serene feel to it. To be pulled away into the blue for just a while sounds like a glorious escape. Wonderful images here too Wendy. Hey...side note...the prompt over at Poetry Jam is Look to the Clouds in case you might want to link this...I think it would be perfect...

  2. Oh, I like the idea of being a tourist in the twilight! And I think at that time of night, especially in WARMER seasons, one can definitely identify the beautiful 'spirit clouds' as the float above in the slowly darkening sky. I get a dream-like feel from your poem.

    Thanks to "Poetry Laundry" for suggesting you link this poem with Poetry Jam. It indeed IS perfect for the prompt! And I hope we will see you again!

  3. Thanks, Jennifer and Mary. I'm a bit of a techno-goof and the one time, I tried to link with a poetry website in the past (it was at a different site), I managed to thoroughly techno-goof it up. Maybe there's hope for me, yet. Smiles.

  4. heck yeah...i am all about that...i love to live in those spaces in between and to observe life as it happens...to live a bit in the space as you suggest....cool pic choice too...it plays well with your poem...enjoyed both...smiles.

  5. Thanks, Brian. It’s taken me a long time (years!!!) to toe into a poetry forum (and actually succeed in making it happen) though, I have noticed (from the sidelines) that you and Mary are incredibly magnanimous and supportive of fellow poets. Thank you, so much, for commenting.

  6. I THOUGHT that was Hotel Vancouver! Great pic. I love the "spirit clouds" and letting "the astonishment fall like a ragged breathy sigh"....wonderful writing!

  7. I'm a tourist here at your site and this poem has me wanting to sit a bit and read more. It is so peaceful, .... sigh.

  8. ‘tis bedtime. And, I fear, past time for tuckered me, to give a proper thanks to those poets from Poetry Jam who stopped by my blog to read a bit of my poetry. Thank you Sherry, for your gracious words. (I have read some of your poems, occasionally in the past, and was moved by the spirit they reflect.) And to Unknowngnome, who has now joined a very select (but dearly regarded) circle of three follower members of Words and Words and Whatnot, I look forward to visiting your blog, tomorrow. Thanks to All – and to All, a Good Night - Wend

  9. Like a mystery that unfolds - A journey into all life holds, a wandering through uncharted streets, this is quite lovely and paints a picture of a hearts enlightening. Charming and wonderful

  10. Beautiful description of the short period at dusk when the colors and atmosphere lead us to pause and reflect.

  11. Thank you Jennifer, Mary, Brian, Sherry, Unknowngnome, Alan and Gabriella for your kind comments. I enjoyed checking out your lovely blogs.

  12. Awesome images ... and a great poem ~ I enjoyed both.

  13. Thanks Helen. And your cloud video and poem were super creative.

  14. Oh my! You have written such a restful piece here! I will return to this one several times over this week. Your pace of wording and the sense of 'end of the day' contemplation work so well here! This is a really beautiful bit of writing!

  15. Thanks Susan. I enjoyed your cloud poem, also.