Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Toys on the Floor


He lies snug in his little bed -
Sunny arm around his head.
Chubby cheek and tousled hair,
Fingers curled round little bear.

The end of an exciting day.
Tuckered out from hours of play.
Dreaming of the feats and fun,
Of new adventures still to come.

Romping with his favorite toys,
Brought to life with moves and noise.
Now sitting where he sat them down
A mumbled, jumbled odd toy town.

Froggy perched upon the train.
Monkey, driver of the crane.
Block tunnel for the racing cars.
The rocket ship crashed down from Mars.

Little child all worn out.
He built, he climbed, he jumped about.
He ran the farm and rode the horse -
Backwards with eyes closed, but, of course.

I think that there could never be
Two sights more beautiful to see.
A boy that you could not love more;
And his toys all over the living room floor.

note:  Poet Laundry posted a lovely ode to one of her son's this week and it reminded me of a verse I wrote, a while back, about one of my Grandson's.  I admit it's not terribly esoteric - though, it is the only poem I've ever written that I recall my son (his father) remarking:  That's beautiful, Mom.  This business of raising boys to men - Ah-h-h-h-h . . .

photo:  Toys on the Floor - W. Bourke

© 2011 Wendy Bourke


  1. smile ... that is all... perhaps a tear or two ...

  2. Ohh...this is so heartwarming. Thanks for reminding me the messy floor can be beautiful! Ha! Lovely work--made me smile...and thank you for the mention too!

  3. Thanks Susan and Jennifer. I'm almost embarrassed by the simplicity of this little poem, though it never fails to warm my heart a bit - particularly when confronted by a room left in a state of mass toy confusion.

  4. What a truly beautiful tribute to a little boy and his toys. I really love this.

  5. Little boys (and little girls, too) bring out the poetry in all of us, I think.

  6. Oh, dear. See this is one of my favorite kinds of poems. I like poetry that many can relate to immediately. Simplicity touches me. Thank you for sharing this. Wish I'd written it! I think it's extraordinary.

  7. Excellent! I have a grandson and granddaughter...and I remember these days with my grandson, especially the toys all over the floor. Smiles!

    1. Thank heaven for little boys - and little girls (as the song says).

  8. So warm and charming!
    And you're a master at rhyme.

    1. Well, I don't know if I'm a master or not (I've come across some great rhymers, lately) but I do love a rhyme. Smiles

  9. endearing write...i have two boys of my own...9 and 11 now...we are starting to move beyond the toy phase...and its pinging my heart a bit....we still have lots to play though....smiles.