Sunday, 5 January 2014

Wonky Mirrror


I am astonished by the face
that greets me in the bathroom mirror

for I awake:  a girl,
until I see - a baffled old biddy
staring back from atop the bathroom sink,
and think:  are you looking at me ? ? ?
And though, I have not run with the wind,
in quite some time,
breezes still flutter through my hair.
Nor, do I ever remember breathing air 
unaware, that life can be beautiful -
when you let it carry you away.

And then, I contemplate:  

perhaps, the bloom has fled
. . . . . or-r-r-r-r . . . . . 
perhaps, the mirror glass has,
somehow, become blurred.
Always, you are near

- and when you look and smile - 
I am reassured:  It would appear . . . . .  
we've got ourselves a wonky bathroom mirror.

photos:  Vanity Bottles - W. Bourke 

Bathroom Sink (from the 1921 Venosta, a first-class Canadian Pacific Railway sleeper car on display at the Port Moody Museum) - W. Bourke.
© 2013 Wendy Bourk


  1. Both philosophical and humorous. Again, you've made me smile, particularly with "a baffled old biddy" and "a wonky bathroom mirror."

  2. Thanks, Janet. I really appreciate your comments.

  3. i think it comes a time when you have to blame a mirror...ha.
    actually we have to remember it only captures what is outside
    which is far from the person staring back....

  4. Indeed, Brian. Blame the mirror - it can take it.