Wednesday, 17 September 2014

summer turns to winter

after what was sown 
had been reaped

hot bustling days, 
began to fade away

and in the season’s amber 
late evening shade 
and crisp, tattered 
harvest breezes

the grinning pumpkin moon
signalled the coming 
cold winter nights:

when the last vestiges
of bountiful summer 
would be peacefully 
laid to rest

wrapped in white linen

note:  the prompt from Poetry Jam this week is “Harvest”.

photos:  summer turns to winter – W. Bourke

© 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. The sweat and efforts of summer are given a respite in the cold months ahead. A logical reward from Providence! Great lines Wendy!


  2. Yes, Wendy, we get to see the results of all of the sowing in autumn. Everything is as ready as it will ever be. I always feel sad when the 'last vestiges of summer' are laid to rest! Even though it is a part of each year's cycle, it is so hard.

  3. We may get our first rain of the season tonight! I am so excited--I love autumn--beautiful write Wendy--the turning of the seasons feels inevitable right now

  4. Harvest time die mark the end of a season and the beginning of a new one. I like fall but also know that after autumn comes winter and the feeling that it will never end.

  5. Soon this white linen will cover the whole atmosphere and environment, a welcoming refreshing view.

  6. so delicately woven words Wendy....hibernating image of bountiful summer wrapped in white linen is exquisite.....

  7. There is almost something very comforting in this and the white linen is beautiful. This is a tapestry of emotion.

  8. The grinning moon and the white linen.. I love those linen.. with that I feel ready for winter ..

  9. Love the grinning pumpkin moon...made me grin too :)

  10. Such a feeling of peace and the nature of things here, Thanks for posting.

  11. Beautiful imagery here Wendy.....I love this!

  12. What a beautiful way to describe the change of season!

  13. What wonderful word painting here, Wendy. Loved this poem!

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