Wednesday, 1 October 2014

on the road that rings round Retta Lake

rambling downhill,
on the road that
rings round Retta Lake

on an enchanted, mystic stretch
rollicked by the rolling wind,
in early morning verdant scent

I was dazzled
by a stirring in the forest:
in a shard of glint that winked, boldly,
in the sunlight drips and gleams,
that alighted, here and there,

and I found myself,
billowing in robust chuckle gusts,
through the spirit woods
amongst a thousand shades of green:

ghosts on gossamer wings,
and I – euphoric in the ragged ripples –

. . . dreaming, yet, awake . . . 
danced down the magic carpet path,
that rings round Retta Lake

note:  the prompt this week at Poetry Jam is “Magic”.

photos:  The Road that Rings Round Retta Lake – W. Bourke 

© 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. Sounds like a lovely and dreamlike experience, something magical to savor, Wendy.

  2. lovely...i would love to follow a similar path...letting the forest spirits lead me on...i've done it before...just a different patch of woods...smiles.

  3. I like how wonderful your walk in the forest seems to have been. In the ned, we want to dance with you, Wendy!

  4. Loved " rollicked by the rolling wind" and " billowing in robust chuckle gusts"
    Such dreamy fun!

  5. Nature's sprightly dance and serenity beautifully captivated Wendy...feel like stepping on the magic carpet path and inhale verdant scent...truly the clever use of alliteration here..

  6. The spell of nature....................hard to break

  7. It is not just the scene but also the feel impacting on them - sheer magic. One can feel the strength on the road around the lake. Great lines Wendy!


  8. The magic of nature... engrossing and soothing!

  9. This is absolutely beautiful. This is the way I am in nature, too.

  10. This does sound enchanting! A place I would like to visit!

  11. beautiful nature is always magical


    now following your blog

  12. Love "rollicked by the rolling wind," and "a shard of glint that winked" and "robust chuckle gusts"... excellent writing, Wendy.

  13. What a lovely description. You had some wonderful creative images here. I especially enjoy reading those.

  14. What a magical journey it is ~ I specially like the thousand shades of green ~

  15. Beautiful sensory images here! We have places like this on the farm; I especially love our woods and I frequently "write" in my head about them. A lovely response to the prompt!

  16. I particularly like "spirit woods" and "magic carpet path." So many vivid details captured by your keen eye.

  17. You have captured those walk along the woods so well.. I especially like how you re-create the way the light plays under the canpies...

  18. Wow, such a deep rich walk and picture of the wonder of life and the heart. This has so many depths. Great work

  19. The deep magic of nature. Wonderfully written, Wendy.

  20. Wendy, so magical!! Shard of glint that winked boldly :-) and thousand shades of green, that has always amazed me how many shades of green there are in the woods--loved this rollicking ride. :-) Thank you for all your wonderful, enthusiasm when you comment on my poetry. It always feels like you "get me." And that is a gift :-)