Friday, 24 April 2015

watermarks on white velum

we’d shared a lot of smiles and sadness,
watching our envisioned story unfold,
careening off-script, scene … after scene …
the narrative refusing to stay put.

for it seemed, the spirit kismet,
was determined to liven up the plot 
and so threw out:  most
of the picture-perfect parts,
the tidy bits, the ho-hums
and the dull-as-dishwater
predictable passages

and went, instead, for a series
of dramatic crescendos,
hyperboles, and roller coaster
hurry-up-and-wait analogies,
in blasts of capricious breezes and
freaking gusts of rollicking bluster and fuss
that rolled off the pages of our lives,
in phantom faint details and dazed specifics

but the essence:  palpable –
choked with feeling … though,
so indefinable in words, as to be,
almost, unreal … but there, forever there …

ghosts from that time revealed – like watermarks that
illumine and date, in patches, on white velum 

note: The word “kismet” is used in Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, and English - and means "fate" or "destiny".

photo:  Capricious Breezes and Gusts – W. Bourke
© 2015 Wendy Bourke


  1. Interesting that most of the picture-perfect parts were thrown out....but probably those dramatic crescendoes are MUCH more fascinating anyway. Smiles.

  2. this is a beautiful flow of life Wendy meandering to its destination..this speaks for all of us...

  3. Life is indeed moulded by kismet........

  4. Some days the muse goes for the dramatics & roller coaster of our lives ~ But I agree with you that words will be our watermarks, reminding us of our emotions ~

    Have a good weekend Wendy ~

  5. I love the thought of what we remember.. Maybe the dread and turns, the roller coaster turns and not he perfect days are those that stay with us... I sometimes think I remember those grey days when nothing really happened even more.