Sunday, 5 July 2015

the sunny warmth of affection (in the blasted smolder)

i awoke in the smolder
of the endless heatwave:
he had dressed behind
dark curtains and,
quietly, left the house …

fresh coffee waited, perkily,
in the tidied-up kitchen ...
the dishwasher was unloaded …
and the garbage
– which had to go –
had departed …
the living room beckoned
like a black hills canyon
in scorching august …
though, the english-ivy
and ficus tree were watered …
and my habitually mislaid pen,
had, yet again, found its way
back to me … it lay motionless
atop my writing journal –
seemingly:  gasping for resuscitation

i sat down in the smolder
of the endless heatwave
and turned on the fan …
it purred in teasing breezes:
another blasted day … without him

note:  posted for Poets United.

photo:  waking in the smolder – W. Bourke

© 2015 Wendy Bourke   


  1. a lover waiting for his arrival but didn't. that must be tough.

    or could be a frustration of a writer waiting for the muse to inspire but didn't show up

  2. The pen seemed a more faithful companion. The man who quietly left could be the garbage that had to go...

  3. Such perfectly imperfect mornings!!!!

  4. It is interesting, as I think we attribute strong emotion and loss to rain, or snow - some dastardly weather. I guess the heat could be the same, but had not thought that.

  5. 'he' remains an enigma throughout but could feel the heat in every line and image...

  6. It is like this figure has set everything up for that journal to be revived..i suppose only 'you' can make it breathe..what he gave is the coffee and space..he will come back...of that i am sure..maybe he already gave you these words

  7. Well, I find myself wondering here if this poem is inspired at all by the wild the word 'smolder' evokes fire to me. I feel the loneliness in this poem, and know that the heat of it would make the loneliness even more intense. A journal can only help a little.

  8. Such an emotive piece.. beautifully penned :D

  9. Somehow the heat seems it could be made even more bothersome by his absence, but there are so many ways to interpret this....I like what Lowe said :-)

  10. The undying heat of an arrival that never happened...

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason.

  11. He may be absent, but he left his loving traces everywhere. Cool! (The heat is fierce in the valley, and forest fires have struck Nanaimo and Port Alberni. Argh.)

    1. Cracky ... it's been HOT in Vancouver for the last few days. Yesterday, Burnaby Mountain (where Simon Fraser University is located) caught fire (though that is now out). At one point it was so overcast, I thought, hallelujah, its going to rain - but then I heard that Metro Vancouver had issued an air quality advisory due to smoke from wildfires drifting into the city. As of this minute there are 178 fires raging across BC. It's still overcast today, and I can still smell them - though a tad cooler, I think. In Northern Ontario (where I grew up) forest fires were often a threat. I remember playing in the white ash that would fall on the town like snow. Very eerie ... that smell of burning trees always brings that haunting memory back to me.

  12. Everything done, leaving someones presence. But still it's the real presence we yearn.

  13. Oh that last word of pain that made me reread and see all the sweltering of weather in a totally different light.

  14. It sound like an internal and external is time to pick up that pen and let your inner voice breathe..inhale..exhale..

  15. Oh lovers parting but such a wonderful man to do all this....I would lament his going too!

  16. So very nice to wake up and feel someone has been thinking of you and made sure your day would go as smoothly as possible, despite the heat!

  17. Without him ...and yet, so many marks of his presence and affection.

  18. A totally riveting piece! How wonderful to have a love who leaves you asleep and so well solves the problems of yesterday before leaving us in quiet to write. And then--was he ever there or was it only a fantasy to be so well cared for. In the end, it seemed too good to be true. But I hope it is true because it is so truly imagined.

    1. Oh it's true. He is a beautiful, caring human being. I don't know how I ever got so lucky. Though, as my daughter points out: I've been so spectacularly unlucky in other aspects of my life, the gods must have decided to smile upon me ... the day he came into my life.

  19. His love is there even if he's not. Great poem.

  20. Wendy,

    Seemed like a faint love was involved. I agree that the best constant probably was your pen!

  21. That was a tough one to read, although well written.