Sunday, 16 August 2015

lost beloved

it was then, 
sun drenched days 
and star lit nights

the backyard splashed
with footprints
in the hose soaked grass

or on white snow 
under cloud castle skies 

with family – close.

but as the years went by,
and freedom roared

love intruded – or so it seemed –
and weighed down, like a ball and chain,

on days – hung – more and more,
between long, lost nights 
of secrets – hidden or forgotten –
or blotted out in numbness 
to the words:

the fearful words –
the endless questions – 
the pleading ultimatums
and the lies – the choking fog of lies.

then came – a paralytic, cold, bitter silence

that erupted, finally,
like a bomb 
into angry, aching, howling, hurt, good-byes

. . . and ended . . .

gone, with all peace . . . . . . . . .
into a black descent – rapid and cruel – 
and the empty hollow of having tossed away
all that meant something . . . once . . . . . .

note:  posted for Posts United.

photo:  Canadian Prairies Shot From Car Window - W. Bourke
© 2015 Wendy Bourke


  1. Strong, bold, scary, good.

  2. That picture is stunning...and I wonder about this storm that arrives to upset the peace once known. I can feel the tension the fog of lies.

  3. This poem starts out with such a reminiscent happy tone, and then it changes to something much different. The secrets. The questions. The silence. I sense there is a very interesting backstory to this poem, Wendy.

  4. Whew. Love started at a high point and became twisted very fast in this. Ugh, when lies and broken trust enter in is there any hope?

  5. Wow. The photo is amazing. And the poem is the story so many people live, of love turned to pain......very powerfully written.

  6. The shifting tone in this is so effectively accomplished, from one extreme to the next, that the reader can feel the "black descent" powerfully.

  7. What a twist, woahh! How relatable this poem is.

  8. With such sweet memories the change becomes so much darker and menacing, the bomb of change, the enemy sneaking up on you. A sad story too often repeated..

  9. An amazing photo...and what a powerful twist to the story to turn happiness into agony....

  10. Life too sometimes give us beautiful things and then they are gone.

  11. somewhat bittersweet.. i love the way you tell it.

  12. Love gone bitter can be excruciating.
    Well penned.

  13. "love intruded – or so it seemed –
    and weighed down, like a ball and chain,"

    the shift is easy, not cloudy at all, just plainly uncertain and not at all true to happyness
    good write

    have a nice week

    much love...

  14. when love is lost -it's lost

  15. powerfully written - memories, sadly, is not only about happy moments

  16. How sad in the ending ~ I admire the progression of the story, from being loved to bitter cold silence ~ Thanks for your visits Wendy ~