Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Night


What's Going On?

The house smells like pumpkin.
Snickers stuck to the floor.

Madball the Monster,
Is guarding the door.
Outside, little creatures,
Run wild through the streets -
Demanding, it seems - that
We give them all treats.
There's bats in the hallway.
I just saw a ghost.
Somebody is screaming:
"Mom,  he got the most."
On my kitchen table,
Gross, slimy, and green,
Sits a wad of gum, bigger
Than I've ever seen.
Three half eaten suckers,
And a  squashed jelly bean.
The signs seem to add up -
Tonight's Halloween.  
The Night Wait
Wrapped in the billowing folds of the night,
The stirrings of dread:  maybe something's not right. 

Somebody's not home - what's got into their head.
Don't they know that they ought to be snug in their bed.
Don't they know at this hour,  the ghosties are out,
And slithering ghoulies snake-sneak all about.
Heaven knows what dark creatures lurk behind the door.
Every spook in the book is spook-spooking galore.
There's goblins and beasties and - yikes - zombies, right.
The bogeyman wanders those streets half the night.
Don't mind me - I'll just lie here awake by the phone - 

While headless horsemen, chase the family car home.

A key in the latch:  just get in here and hurry.

Safely home for the night - though it's not like I worry.
notes:  Posted for Poets United.

Two old, very light, poems from 2011, rather appropriate, I thought for All Hallows' Eve - the first inspired from those Trick or Treat Nights when my four children were little ones and the second:  a look back on those ghastly  (at least for parents) teenage nights.  Ha!  Happy Halloween!

 photos:  #1.  Tonight's Halloween   #2The Night Wait  - W. Bourke 

© 2011 Wendy Bourke


  1. I have a feeling the ghoulish is more fun than scary really.
    Truly it sounds so much like fun for the kids, but here it's not at all this popular. Love how you used the rhyme and meter to accentuate the fun, rather than scary. Smiling along your lines.

  2. We don't have Halloween and I don't really want headless horsemen chasing me..but your poem is wonderful fun.

  3. we don;t really celebrate Halloween here , but i love the images this one has

  4. Oh! This is so in sync with the Halloween season :D delightful read :D

  5. At least it's only once a year. What a fun poems they are..

  6. I love the flow of these pieces...maybe it's more comfortable when the mess is still under your roof than when little ones become a little bigger and venture out alone..i can imagine that is a little scary on any night

  7. Oh, don't you miss those old trick - or - treat days! I am glad you preserved them in poetry at least...I remember when my daughters were young too, comparing each other's 'loot' on the table and making exchanges. And looking further back, I remember doing the same with my own sister. Smiles. Your teen-age nights poem resonates too. I could never even TRY to sleep when someone was out late either. I really enjoyed these poems, Wendy!

  8. I loved the rhythm and tone of the second poem. Something that you can recite to kids perhaps. The rhymes are splendidly done. :-)

  9. it's an interesting time of the year and it's interesting to see glimpses in how other people celebrate the season.

  10. I especially loved the first poem, which reminded me of my four kids' love of Hallowe'en when they were young. And the second is alive with ghosties and goblins and is perfect for the season!

  11. I adored both poems...I am sure my mother was often thinking some of those thoughts when we were younger, but my favorite line is:

    'Somebody is screaming:
    "Mom, he got the most."

    How well I remember!

  12. What a great window into Halloween! And I love how you rhyme it. It makes me think of a story you would read out of a book on Halloween.

  13. do catch the spoirit of a family at halloween. I especially liked "Mom, he's got the most!." Well done.

  14. Oh and I love the pictures too.

  15. Fun and lighthearted scary reads. Sweetly rendered.

  16. Delightful, the both of them!

  17. What fun! They both remind me of how it used to be. You've got a knack for the rhyme, making it new and valuable.

  18. Lol fun! The way you make rhymes though. Beautiful

  19. These are both delightful...or frightful...? ;-) Superbly fun reading, Wendy! I enjoy it so much when you write in this style.

  20. What the imagery, great fun for family and kids! And your writing so lighthearted! Nice memory and great entertainment!

  21. We had a lovely and fun halloween ~ The weather was perfectly cold, no rain and I have fun giving out the treats ~ Love the second part also - scary stuff, that's why I don't watch scary movies, smiles ~

  22. I love these and distinctly remember reading the first one earlier. Thanks for sharing them again!