Saturday, 14 November 2015

bedtime story

the autumn breezes crackled like a jolly carnival bonfire, in the pleasant park
as I felt a daydream coming on … and so I left you reading: Don Quixote
and, softly, drifted into billow branches and pulled the leafy quilt up to my chin –

casting …  the people who crossed my path … back to days of yore:

the lads with laughing plans to seek their fortunes, roving the land,
the mother dressed in white, holding tight, to the hand of the princess child,
the damsel, patiently, waiting for her fairy tale to begin …  with love’s first kiss …

and you, from out of nowhere, a knight in shining armor … sans horse … or armor

ready to carry me away, down the golden leaf trail and back to our books and bills,
and wee garmhacs … that keep us imagining happy ever afters … and
a world that is as peaceful and warm and fair and noble, as a child’s bedtime story

notes:  posted for Poets United.

garmhacs:  Irish for grandsons.

photos:  #1 - 1527 Woodcut of a Knight in Shining Armor
#2 – Story Book Park – W. Bourke 

© 2015 Wendy Bourke


  1. What I really like here is the narrative the walk reminds you of, it's like going back and think what could have been. But life is filled with windmills, and Knights grew old. So much untold that make my mind wander.

  2. Soft daydreams.. It is the perfect weather for it, isn't it.

  3. Perhaps fairy tales are to reassure you through harder adult times that all things are possible and to never give up hope despite setbacks and many of us do just that.

  4. Nestling into those bold branches sounds really quite delightful...sometimes it is good to leave reality and take a tour of our imagination...i think it reveals a lot about how life should be! A wonderful tale and journey and poem

  5. Wonderful thoughts indeed. Greetings.

  6. What I like here is the imaginative mix of fantasy with reality. And don't we all really, in our heart, desire a world as peaceful and warm as a child's bedtime story?

  7. Love the daydreams that sustain us, make us imagine a different world and time...a peaceful, better the journey of your daydream.

  8. Sigh. This is lovely. I think, next lifetime, I'll come back as you. LOL. I was wafted dreamily away, with your words, to a place where dreams came true.

  9. ah! the nature of day dreams, thanks for sharing this on. Happy Sunday to you Wendy. your introductory photos at the Pantry today are such a treat.

    much love...

  10. Lovely. The poem brought a smile on my face :)

  11. Oh, this knight of swords is full of passion and ready to act in the positive way....Happy dreaming! :)

  12. When idealism meets reality. The results, once applied, could be very powerful. A personal journey being converted and shared to next generation. Lovely write, Wendy

  13. and so I left you reading: Don Quixote
    and, softly, drifted into billow branches
    and pulled the leafy quilt up to my chin

    Nice to be coming on to day-dreaming and feeling comfy under the quilt. It may trigger off lots of ideas under such situations.


  14. Very neat triple-folding of Don Quixote with fairy tale fantasy and "you"in a moment that champions dreams and happy thoughts.

  15. Ahh...this is magical...! A superb way to spend an afternoon!

  16. Ditto, Ahh. That's exactly what I said to myself, too, after I'd finished reading your poem.

    Love "crackled like a jolly carnival bonfire."