Saturday, 30 January 2016

feasting on grapes

long ago:  we feasted on grapes, though I had forgotten,
and then today, I had the strongest craving
for green grapes . . . ice cold green grapes …
the color of new grass in spring and sunshine  …
with the subtle scent of earth awakening …
as fresh and exuberant as newly sprung-open outdoors  –
the feeling, perhaps, fake ... for the grapes were imported
to that faraway northern place, where we grew up together

there was a time when I couldn’t go a day
without remembering her laughter
or the way she tilted her head
and pursed her lips and rolled her eyes upwards, as if to say
“Oh Come On” …  but never did …
she’d just make that face of exaggerated scepticism,
pretending ... until she couldn't pretend another second – 
and we'd both start to laugh

so many memories of her, have faded
though, my heart begged them to stay ... and then, today ...
something in the air?  the sun, the scent, the grapes  
but there, as I bit into and broke open the grape skin,
in a burst of bitter-sweet spine-tingling familiarity
I chuckled, as the juice ran down my chin …
for I  remembered – I remembered with such clarity:
it was as real as any moment that I had ever lived  

note:  posted for Posted United.

photo:  Feasting on Grapes – W. Bourke 

© 2016 Wendy Bourke   


  1. Oh I enjoyed this poem... some tiny thing opening the floodgates of memory..can relate to that!

  2. so many memories of her, have faded
    though, my heart begged them to stay ... and then, today ...
    something in the air? the sun, the scent, the grapes –

    Such a beautiful yearning in these lines :)

  3. Those little triggers to our past brought on by a scent or taste or sight of something familiar. I have so many of these too. Beautifully written.

  4. Some things spark whole chapters in our lives..i love how this flowed like crisp grape juice..fondly..vibrantly and really quite deliciously!

  5. oh the nostalgia encapsulated in that one burst of grape juice through the skin - marvellous poem

  6. Oh sometimes we have those instant memories of something... It could be grapes, and all of the sudden that taste brings us back into the company... I really like this.

  7. So many emotions in this write. Touching, nostalgia, sadness, joy! Oh it is a good thing when those memories come flooding back! Oh those growing up times were so special, weren't they?

  8. This brought a smile to my face as in life we have certain triggers that remind us of people and places. The grapes of life filled with emotions.

  9. What memories food, taste and smell can evoke....I loved your description of the grapes and biting into them....wonderful!

  10. I love this type of poem... where an object brings back a flood of memory. And you do it so well. I can see the past you paint, the smirk, and then how it all comes back to the grapes. The juice of memory! Very nice.

  11. I can see it all so clearly - her expression, the burst of laughter, the grape juice on your chin, your smile.....and I can feel the vivid remembering. Really excellent writing, Wendy!

  12. wow!! i luv how the memories just came alive in Verse 3; biting into the grapes

    Have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  13. This feast is of friendship! I love the smelling of the grapes. You are right! Every bit of this poem brought memories for me.

  14. Funny how smells and tastes are so evocative--this just feels so alive Wendy!

  15. Rich and redolent! I loved every detail.

  16. love how green, juicy grapes brings you sweet memories. Now I want some green grapes too. too bad it's too late in the night. hehe.

  17. Sudden recollections prompted by familiar smell or sight can be so testing. One would want more!


  18. I love how you bounce from grapes to her, from her to memories, from memories to grapes. Lovely writing. I loved reading this.

  19. I love it when a taste or scent or some type of sensation causes us to recollect a special time, special person. Tender and wonderful, Wendy.

  20. Interesting how green grapes can release such memories - and how skillfully you've expressed things here.

  21. What a treat! I love grape story and taste too! never heard about feasting on grape, but it sounds yummy!