Friday, 22 April 2016

old friend

I miss you old friend since you passed
but don't you mope for me, 
I’ll find you round the river bend: 
in sunshine – running free

I’ll call your name out loud, once more;
you’ll bark back “wher’ve ya bin”  
you’ll wag your tail like crazy 
and you'll grin your doggie grin

I’ll bring you treats, and squeaky toys
and bouncy tennis balls ...
we’ll play “go, boy”   for hours:  and
not tucker out, at all

I’ll toss sticks in the water, that
get fetched in splashing glugs 
and leaps and bounds and splatter shakes
and wet-fur-jump-up-hugs

please dig in my petunia patch  
then climb onto my bed:
put your head upon my pillow 
and your paw prints on my spread

be happy … my four-footed friend: 
someday, out of the blue,
you’ll see me, cutting cross “our” field 
… and coming home to you

"for Bilbo"
note:  posted for Poets United.

photo:  Bilbo the Sheepdog (the photo is of  the first dog my husband, Michael and I raised together) years and years ago, now - though in writing this poem:   thoughts of many of my life's "four-footed friends" came to mind and some of those memories are incorporated in this piece.

© 2016 Wendy Bourke 


  1. love this playful verse with a tinge of sadness..."you'll grin your doggie grin" so angelic...

  2. Oh, Wendy, this is so poignant. I have sent two very special dogs across the 'rainbow bridge,' and I do hope to meet up with them on the other side. There is something about dog love that touches me deeply. Think I will do a bit of hugging of mine right now!

  3. I simply love this.. the ballad rhythm a happy bounce like a dog... It actually feels like a dog running form the way the poem's cadenced.. to be so happy in the face of sorrow makes it even sadder in a way.. Lovely writing Wendy

  4. What a beautiful huge joyous snowball of a dog! This is wonderful, Wendy, I love the hope in it, of meeting again. Which we dog lovers have to believe will happen, or we're sunk! Loved this.

    1. You have written so many beautiful pieces about "Pup" that I was inspired to try and capture that very special bond that we have with our dogs. It is a very precious relationship.

  5. Oh big tears came running down my cheeks when i read this as I too remembered my furry friends now gone....waiting to greet us again one day! This truly is so perfectly worded and beautiful....

  6. luv the rhythym of your tribute an the hope it encapsules

    much love...

  7. I have so many four legged friends to see across my field. This touched my heart.

  8. A wonderful tribute. I hope all my four legged friends are waiting for me. Very nice job.

    Steve K.

  9. There is such a sense of sweet freedom to really makes one yearn for a reunion with those old furry friends :-)

  10. Love this..lyrical and poignant...

  11. This is just wonderful, Wendy, up there with your best.

  12. What a beautiful and emotive message to your loved pet and companion. Quite a tear jerker.

  13. They may have passed on but yet they remain in memory! They are always 'man's or rather a woman's best friend. Poignant and beautiful Wendy!


  14. What a sweetheart - wet-fur-jump-up-hugs - are the best...i like to think he still feels them too

  15. this is so sad, but at the same time, these are happy and sweet memories of the furry friend.
    lovely ballad you have written.

  16. Beautiful and I so get it--my old one is now 13 and is snoring beside me as I write this

  17. A wonderful tribute. Dogs, and other pets, are certainly our friends and/or children or siblings.