Saturday, 25 June 2016

angel with a sandwich

paradise was quick - 
and the promise of a never-ending party 
sealed the passage

on a voyage that took her 
far, far away from the crazy house 
and the clawing pain of living 
in that dirty place . . . 

a trip:  from which, it came to her - too late - 
there was no turning back

and so, she drifted, blindly, in a malignant sea 
that poisoned and degraded and abandoned
children to be broken and lost:  and left in a jumbled blur - 
lonely - as the echo of a hopeful word.

it was almost five o’clock 
and so, she sat, runny-cold 
against the bleak brick wall and waited . . .

holding on, in white scratches, 
for the one good thing:

the lady from street outreach 
who appeared -  kind as an angel, with a sandwich.

note:  published in 2014 in Scarlet Thistles Poetry Anthology (Beret Days Press)  ISBN 978-1-926495-00-2. 

photos:  Night Falls in the City - W. Bourke 

© 2014 Wendy Bourke    


  1. Sounds like she had a life of desperation. Thank goodness for the angel from Street Outreach! Hope it is the beginning of her turn-around.

  2. "...the echo of a hopeful word." poignant and beautiful...

  3. To recognize the guardian angel and make the best of the opportunity to renew life..that is all one can hope for.

  4. I hope it's a turning point, I hope she can get the strength to raise and leave. The detail with the sandwich makes the Angel so much more real.

  5. That first tiny step that could make her life change. Will she take it and see that it is her chance to claw her way back? Let's hope so.

  6. Sometimes we are forced to jump - from the frying pan to the fire...from the party to the pavement..but that someone has seen is the most important gesture..the hope and the room to change..

  7. and so, she drifted, blindly, in a malignant sea
    that poisoned and degraded and abandoned
    children to be broken and lost

    Oh.. this is such a poignant image..

  8. you have spoken well, written well of this. there is hope somewhere out there in a cold and lonely world. gracias to the Street Outreach

  9. Angels on here on earth; we give thanks for the balance
    A blessed Sunday to you Wendy

    much love...

  10. Such despair but angels come to us when we least expect it...perhaps this angel will lead her to a turning point she can make....there is hope here....glad for that.

  11. Thank goodness for the sandwich - the bread of life to feed hope for a new day.

  12. Oh my goodness, Wendy, you have taken us right inside her sad life. I most admire "the clawing pain of living" that sent her to the streets, and "the echo of a hopeful word." This is one of your best. Fantastic writing. It has great impact. Thank heavens for that angel with a sandwich. Wish she could take her home.

  13. Few things are a miraculous as the image of a helper who is willing and who reaches us just in time... and with the right tools for the helping.

    I love that this reads like a story. Full of possibilities...

  14. You have depicted the voyage with such raw authenticity.

  15. Oh, wow. I love how this starts out and funnels down to that precision point. Excellent poem.

  16. i liked your poems about the city and its social issues. even in the darkest streets there are angels...

  17. You bring us right there. Then in the midst of despair, the sandwich. Ahh….