Saturday, 16 July 2016

A Birthday Toast

It took, twenty-five thousand, five hundred and fifty days 
And one or two million let-me-count-the-ways 
To get to your seventieth birthday, this night: 
Happy Birthday: my love, my light, my shining knight.

What would life be:  if you were not here? 
Who’d hang the moon, for me, year after year? 
Who’d listen to all the words I have to say? 
Who’d hold me and shoo the hobgoblins away?

Would the tides still come in? 
Would the planet still spin? 
Would the stars shine as bright – I suspect:  they would not. 
If you’d never been born … really – perish the thought.

If you were not having a birthday right now,
I suppose I’d go on, though I can’t reckon how. 
You wouldn’t be you … and I wouldn’t be me. 
Our kids and our grandkids, would not even be.

My world – I have no doubt – just wouldn’t be right, 
If you were not having a birthday tonight.
                   HAPPY  BIRTHDAY,   MICHAEL

Happy 70th Birthday to my wonderful husband, Michael Bourke.  On Oct. 24, 1969 this beautiful man came into my life - a date that forever will remain:  MY LUCKY DAY!

note:  posted for Poets United.  I will be off the grid next Sunday (Mike's actual 70th birthday) and taking a 2 week break from blogging.  I'll touch base at Poetry Pantry, though, and be back in early August! 

photos:  # 1 - family photo taken at a Vintage Photo Shop along a boardwalk on Barkers Island in Superior, Wisc. back in the 80's. 

# 2 - a visa photo of Mike taken in 1969, when he took a year off from school to travel the world A beautiful human being AND a world traveler.  How could I resist!  Smiles!

© 2016 Wendy Bourke 


  1. Ah, yes -- one very special person makes all the difference in the world! You have expressed this so well in the way you have honored your husband's life and birthday. The Happiest of Birthdays to Michael. Enjoy the celebration!!

  2. Happy birthday Michael! It is such a fine tribute Wendy. Enjoy your sojourn Ma'am, a well deserved break many others may not get!


  3. And a happy birthday from wintery Melbourne.

  4. Who’d hang the moon, for me, year after year? Such a beautiful line! Birthday greetings!

  5. Such a gorgeous tribute :D Happy Birthday Michael :D

    Lots of love,

  6. Happy birthday! This is a loving tribute and I love the 5's on the opening line. :-)

  7. What a poem full of love and connection - i particularly loved - Who’d hang the moon, for me, year after year - happy birthday to your beloved may you both have a magical day

  8. aw...every word spills love and music Wendy...wishing Michael a very happy birthday :)

  9. What a delightful post. Many more birthdays to you both.

  10. I do love the passion that lingers in your words, the hanging of moon and bringer of tides.. We need someone beside us to make it worth. I add my wishes for the best of many birthdays yet to come.

  11. So much love! I can't stop smiling and my heart is doing all kinds of happy dances, for I know what it is to love like this, to find the one who makes us feel loved and lucky, to thank the universe for each day he lives... Happiest of Birthdays to your love. What a wonderful gift you've given each other. ♥

  12. A lovely birthday gift and tribute to 70 years of of life. Happy Birthday!

  13. What a touching tribute to a wonderful man! I LOVE the vintage family photo! I had a similar one done of my kids in the 70's...........I hope the family enjoys a wonderful celebration and that you have fun during your blogging break, my friend. I suspect you might be heading to Harrison?

  14. LOVE! Happy Birthday to this child/man who made your life bright!

  15. What a beautiful tribute to your amazing man Wendy! Many more happy birthdays to him and you!

  16. Sweet. An amazing man!Happy Birthday to him!

  17. Cool!
    the words would look great on a card!
    Happy birthday!

  18. We have much in common Wendy. My husband and I married in 69 and he'll turn 70 soon. Me too. I don't know what my life would be without him, so your poem feels like home to me, like I'd written it myself. But, of course, it is yours and written from your heart. Happy Birthday to your hubby and hope you enjoy your time off from blogging.

  19. What a lovely tribute to your love Wendy ~ Enjoy the wonderful birthday celebration with your family.

  20. Of course--how could you resist?! I love it when you write in this style. My favorite lines:
    "What would life be: if you were not here?
    Who’d hang the moon, for me, year after year?"
    Happy birthday to Mr. Bourke! Enjoy your break, Wendy!

  21. What a wonderful birthday tribute - and great photos too.

    I love how you've counted the days: twenty-five thousand, five hundred and fifty days.

  22. And…We'll miss seeing you but will await your return.

  23. Lovely to read of a true and happy love.

  24. Happy birthday to Michael! What a wonderful and heartwarming post :)