Friday, 26 August 2016

the earthly deep

I awoke ... still ...
in my hammock sanctuary
to end-of-summer leaves 
that had transformed
from daylight’s grass green
to evening teal –
while I slept

they rustled like tat-tattered
silk festoons, 
swagged against
an ocean-sky blue
peeking, in stain-glass slivers,
through the shimmering threads
of the raggedy
forest canopy, that swished
and rippled and whispered: 
she’s awake 

the fragrance
of lake flora on sweet ozone
wafted round me,
as I watched the wind
grow strong 

rain’s comin’ – 
I murmured aloud,
rolling from my canvas bed
and, hastily,
making for the cabin ...

as I reached
the rough hewed veranda
I felt the first drops
upon my arms
and turned my head towards
the direction
from which
I had just come

the woods
were more alive,
in that moment,
than I have ever seen them,
in all my life:

branches bobbed and bent –
their leaves straining
in wild pandemonium,
to be set free,
while tree boughs billowed
in cascades of
tempest tossed  waves

the scene lit
– beyond phantasmagoric –
and though, I saw no lightning,
I heard a far-off thunderclap …
far, far away,
far beyond myself …
in the earthly deep
note:  posted for Poets United.

 photos:  Hammock at Lake Mesachie (W. Bourke)
© 2016 Wendy Bourke


  1. Gorgeous. What a magnificent scene. I love it when life catches us like this. You've written it beautifully.

  2. Beautiful and I relish every word and scene:)

  3. What a wonderful scene is painted for us here. Thank you for this

  4. branches bobbed and bent –
    their leaves straining
    in wild pandemonium,

    Realistically described Wendy! One gets that frightening feeling especially with the thunderclaps messing in the distance!


  5. Beautiful swished
    and rippled and whispered:
    she’s awake....

  6. The open skies and clouds beckon me to fly, Wendy....I could almost hear the beautiful melody of those raindrops...So so lovely!

  7. the fragrance
    of lake flora on sweet ozone
    wafted round me,
    as I watched the wind
    grow strong

    Sigh.. this is soo beautiful!!

  8. The scene of the coming rain, the breaking of a rest, but yet to be so close to safety invokes such a comforting feeling... sometimes, it's almost like a welcome break of monotony, like a safe adventure, that I recall from when I was young.

  9. I love the tat-tattered and flow of this poem - like a storybook treasured and read like new again.. rain can me can thunderstorms..particularly if they are our little moments in the earthly deep

  10. What gorgeous writing this is Wendy. I really loved how your words painted the scene so well so I was right there too.

  11. loved the second to last stanza of how the ...leaves strained to be set free and ...trees bough billowed in cascades of tempest tossed waves.

    wonderfully penned that made me feel i was there observing this.


  12. Your gorgeous title and photo stopped me in admiration before even getting to the poem. "Awe-struck in the earthly deep." Your description of those moments when nature became so vivid and alive - I have experienced that, too...........poem and photo both have an unearthly - or maybe a supra-earthly - beauty, my friend.

  13. You have created a lovely scene. I would like to slumber in that hammock and listen to nature awaken around me.

  14. What a gorgeous piece--I love storms--and I love to be out in them

  15. This is a feast for the sense, as poetry should be. I love the textures, the colors, the light and dark, the sounds... It's life happening in our eyes.

  16. Wonderful images, beautifully penned.

  17. I "sank" with each line until I was in "Earthly Deep"... well done.

  18. I love natures beauty within in your words. Such imagery too

  19. Breathtaking, the poem and the artwork too!

  20. Wow, what a scene and experience Wendy!! I would love to see the woods more alive!

  21. You have captured this scene SO beautifully with your words, Wendy. You brought me there...and made me 'awestruck' too! (Making my way through the Pantry I was vacationing. Smiles.)