Friday, 12 August 2016

untangling in the idyll

     end of a long journey twisting
               on hot and tired highways …

     the tall grass parts 
     like a curtained fairy tale 
     and I enter, on wobbly car-legs,
     an enchanted moment quick 

     as a flitting turn of page
     into the sun-kissed burble
     of an easy going water fountain 
     gurgling away ... and a buzzing bee 

     loop-the-looping round me,
     to blithely land upon 
     the nose of a terra cotta maiden 
     perched atop the bubbling fount ...

     it lingered there, then came and went,
     again and again, as if by whim or fancy:
     an intriguing mystery or, perhaps,
     a bee performance just for me
     mesmerizing in the bucolic idyll  
               as I begin to                                             
                                                   n                                       e
                                              t               g                                                                    
                                                 a     n                 
note:  posted for d'Verse - Poets Pub and Poets United - Poetry Pantry.
photos:  Terra Cotta Maiden - W. Bourke (a little scene I stumbled upon at an outdoor, roadside café on Vancouver Island.) 

Loop-the-Looping Bee (graphic) - W. Bourke 
© 2016 Wendy Bourke


  1. Oh this has such a wonderfully languid feel--I love the loop de loop

  2. I t has the languid feel of a late summer's day.

  3. Somehow this feels like an end of summer feeling... how it feels when city is pulling us back... so much a sentiment I know well...

  4. I like this flirting with visual poetry. Intensifies the emotions of the poem! :)

  5. Delightful Wendy - a truly successful piece... With Best Wishes Scott

  6. I love this, the wobbly car-legs, the bee, the fountain. Lovely.

  7. "A bee performance just for me" charming and love how you wrote 'untangle'...clever and fun.

  8. Like what you did with this. The way a poem sits upon the page can definitely add to the enjoyment of it.

  9. This is absolutely incredible :D Kudos.

  10. it lingered there, then came and went,
    again and again, as if by whim or fancy:
    an intriguing mystery

    Aptly known as a busy bee 'in and out' often seemed lost but still functioning as one always having something to do!


  11. What a magical untangling - those little stolen moments are special treasures :)

  12. There's nothing quite like relaxing in the garden with insects humming water splashing as summer lulls you into a soporific trance but here in Oz we have a few months to wait for all that.

  13. What a relaxing feeling this poem brings to me as I read it. Love the way you have expressed that buzzing bee.

  14. A magical moment in time as the bees waltzed around just for you. I love the feel of the poem, the flowing words and bees dancing on the page.

  15. enchanted poem, what an inspiring trip, finding such a perl in simple things....

  16. I admire how the poem itself buzzes around, just like the bee.

  17. A fine poem, good movement of word placement too.

  18. Oh, yes, those wobbly legs and the signs of welcome.

  19. a lovely relaxed note along with this visual delight of dancing bee and untangling...a joy to read this....

  20. Love the visual presentation Wendy.

    On another note, I see you are part of the Memory and Loss Anthology. Congrats!

  21. This is absolutely delightful. I love all the little things you notice.