Friday, 30 September 2016

at the farm in country autumn

at the farm, in country autumn . . .

the morning had awoken – damp, 
in summer-holidays-are-over snivels

but the afternoon was grinning, 
like a puppy at a picnic.


the ebullient leaves
were just starting to spin
– whiffle fluttered threads – 
in hues of red and gold and ochre, 
into a kaleidoscopic tapestry.

the vegetable patch had tumbled
from a storybook – 

pumpkins sat,
stacked and waiting . . .
on the lookout, for old ladies 
bearing wands.

beanstalks climbed their trellis 
up to the corn silk tasselled sky . . .

the air was as crisp as apples,
and I thought I heard, the wind
whisper my name.


and though . . . from time to time,
I felt a little guilty over hours spent
enjoying a good day,

it was a guilty pleasure,
and so, I lingered until twilight fell . . .

an enchanted fall

at the farm, in country autumn.

photos:   The Farm - photographs I took on a visit to the Stewart Farm in Surrey, BC.  I love to see municipalities preserving actual homes and farms from bygone eras that demonstrate a simpler, more organic way of life.

© 2016 Wendy Bourke


  1. This is wonderful, how you capture that beauty of autumn, with apple crispness, colors... there should be no guilt there I think. You made me smile from your words.

  2. Placing the pictures as you did was like a stroll in poetry

  3. Thank you. It was such a lovely day and I had taken so many pictures, I thought I would try something a little different. Your words "a stroll in poetry" - are wonderful and exactly what I was trying to do, here. Actually, I'm amazed that the blogger program accommodated so many shots. There have been days when getting one picture and one poem posted, has been a hair-pulling exercise.

  4. It is good to have those guilty pleasures, and one should never feel guilty about enjoying the day. Beautiful photos & words, Wendy.

  5. Lovely, Wendy, words and photos.

  6. Gorgeous..words and images.

  7. a great feast here..eyes, mind & heart fulfilled...

  8. This is really beautiful Wendy. Pride is well deserved it is not a guilty pleasure.

  9. There are so many wonderful things to gather up and treasure in this post - i felt like a child seeing these things for the first time..running around in the magic of it all..spinning like a top - and - whiffle fluttered threads – truly delightful!

  10. My goodness, Wendy :D there is so much to love and adore here in this poem.. beautiful pictures too!! ❤️

  11. Such a delight, words and photos. I especially love the pumpkins waiting for old ladies bearing Wands!

  12. ...another wonderful visit to your site :)

  13. O! Take me there where "the afternoon was grinning,
    like a puppy at a picnic" and I will picnic in the joy of it.

  14. your photos are as gorgeous as your words.
    i, too, long to linger in the country autumn.

  15. Lovely! (Btw I am an old lady, and would be happy to bring my wand there any time you like).

  16. a wonderful display of sharing a 'fall' day and dusk


  17. A beautiful journey into autumn with words and photos.

  18. I so enjoyed this. The way you structured the piece is a beautiful wandering for your reader; I actually started craving a crisp apple as I read it.