Friday, 16 September 2016

maybe there will be a rainbow

these vague, anxious
will cease soon … 

heaven is weeping

and earthly troubles
cannot eclipse the sight 
of raindrops
racing pell-mell 
down my window, 
in a mad dash 
to be done 
with the sad blue act 
of falling to nihility

I watch the arrival 
of a tiny drop

it lingers for a moment,
for a split second, 
as if unsure … 
perhaps, it is weighing 
the options:

there are none

and so, in a burst of
pithy resignation – 
the bolt to the finish line 
commences, as other drops 
appear, to take their turn ...
mesmerizing me

I always find my way to
a tranquility of mind,
when raindrops fall

the sound soothes me … 
the earth is cleansed … 
the air I breathe is sweeter …

and the world, 
outside my window, 
becomes a little blurry: 

that is, strangely, comforting

maybe, we are not meant
to see everything, clearly though

often ... I wonder, if there will be 
a rainbow … at the end

notes:  posted for Poets United.

photos:  Yard on Vancouveer Island (2 photos - the raindrop effect created in the pho-to editing program) - W.  Bourke

© 2016 Wendy Bourke 


  1. This is stunning Wendy--beautifully written--and I wonder too, if we are really meant to see everything clearly

  2. Stunning reflection. It takes a rainbow to share such thoughts

  3. maybe, we are not meant
    to see everything, clearly
    if there will be
    a rainbow … at the end

    Yes Wendy! One gets to thinking that life has to have ups and downs. One has to thank the lucky stars in times of plenty and to hope for the best in times of need. Great thoughts, Ma'am!


  4. beautiful lingering moment of a drop and others following...cleansing, calming and restoring...& a lovely dream at the end...what a joy to read the poem Wendy...

  5. maybe, we are not meant
    to see everything, clearly.... I think so too!! Enjoyed this poem.

  6. Beautiful and evocative.. 💖especially love 'I always find my way to
    a tranquility of mind, when raindrops fall the sound soothes me … the earth is cleansed … the air I breathe is sweeter'💖

    Lots of love,

  7. This is such a beautiful poem Wendy. There is nothing so comforting as to do exactly as your poem describes especially that hope for a rainbow at the end.

  8. the visuals in this poem are so striking and the meaning profound - indeed we need to spend more time in the dreamworld

  9. I do hope there will be - rain is soothing even if it feels like tears..almost a relief.. perhaps a connection between our world and the world above? I am glad you can find a tranquil mind.. it is very much conveyed here

  10. I really enjoyed the meditativeness of this poem, Wendy! Indeed there is something soothing about rain, and so true that often it is nice to be able to look at the world in a bit of a blur - being assured that there IS a rainbow somewhere out there.

  11. I do love the end in this very contemplative poem... the way we need some blurriness, maybe a reality smudged with those raindrops... the soothe might come from this, a little bit like dusk is a promise of rest.

  12. I love the reflection in this poem, the vivid and beautiful descriptions, the poignant wondering about a rainbow at the end.....beautiful writing, Wendy! I, too, love the rain. (Good thing, we being west coasters, LOL.)

  13. maybe, we are not meant
    to see everything, clearly – though –............. Enjoyed this piece of writing, Wendy:just maybe if every thing was clear, would that make life dull and unchallenging?

  14. ah yes I can identify with your contemplating the mystery, no Wendy I really don't think we need to see everything clearly. thank heavens for the empathy of rainy days

    much love...

  15. Tender reflection, and rain makes us philosophical often.... sure, rainbow at the end, and here, now too, we just so busy, not always look up...thanks for sharing, thanks for visiting my blog, my thoughts...

  16. Once again, so insightful and thoughtfully written. I, too, tend to believe we're not meant to see everything clearly (while on this earth).

  17. I like to watch the rain and sometimes to walk in it. It is cleansing and sometimes clarity comes in tiny raindrops. I really enjoyed this poem there is so much here that resonates with me.

  18. Beautiful reflections Wendy. Perhaps we can see clearly after listening to the soothing sounds of rain. Wishing you a good week.