Thursday, 17 November 2016

tuck me in

oh look!  there's a lovely copse of bushes,
that i think i’ll just duck into and lie down under,
and pull the leafy covers over my head

mother earth can tuck me in with shushing
green breezes and cast a child-spell upon me –
and grant me storybook dreams of a nice world
where ordinary people know right from wrong,
and good guys from bad guys . . .
and kindness from cruelty

i’ll just slip away, if you don’t mind . . .  and rest my
heavy head and broken heart between the earth and sky
curled up in a woebegone ball, in a gracious, peaceful place

and hold my breath ... and wait … for the meanness to pass by 

photo:  A Lovely Copse of Bushes – W. Bourke

© 2016 Wendy Bourke 


  1. I will go along with you and inhale the peace and kindness of the place ~ Total madness out there Wendy ~ Have a good week ~

  2. I could slip away like that ALL the time. Thanks for letting me do that with you.

  3. It does look like a perfect place to slip away for respite. Beautiful photo and poem.

  4. I feel this way sometime as well. It would be nice to find such a place where one could be surrounded by peaceful and fragrant green, a place where one could dream of a wonderful world filled with kind people. And yes, perhaps if one dreamed (and prayed) enough, this would really, REALLY happen! I liked this poetic journey, Wendy.

  5. Would want to be 'lost' in such wonderful surroundings and savor peacefulness.


  6. I love the idea of each of us having a safe haven, one where we can go "and wait … for the meanness to pass by" Beautifully penned 💖

    Lots of love,

  7. with shushing
    green breezes and cast a child-spell upon me – lovely! We all need that space, don't we.

  8. Wish we all had a healing space, be it Nature or anything "and hold my breath ... and wait … for the meanness to pass by"...

  9. I think in the circumstances being tucked into the better things of this world is a very good idea - though i sense the wait might be quite some time..

  10. lovely words and embracing thoughts. i too, wish to do the same and hope for the same. there is a 'sadness' that is pervasive in all of Earth and hopefully the spirit of the Universe will come to enlighten our kind

  11. "cast a child-spell upon me"
    Yes! Dear poet! Remind us to turn to Mother Earth who has always had to wait "for the meanness to pass by."

  12. I think I would like to go with you, have mother earth tuck me in so I can dream of a better world.

  13. The way the world has turned I feel like you, though in reality I think it's turning now... I hope it's turning.

  14. The moment has come when dark and light are battling for ascension. I too find my solace in the green places. I love this beautiful poem. We are in for some very hard years....years we never expected in North America.

  15. if you slip under there you will be surprised how many are already there taking in the respite

    Happy Sunday to you

    much love...

  16. Thank you I have had many of these (copse) places in my life. My sister and I were just talking about, when we were young, the bamboo patch, that we had carved away, for a place... so we could run away to. She did once. The rest of the time we all(5 kids) would use it to play Pirates and Buccaneers :-)
    We all continue to emerge as the acceptance and models of good will.

    1. Much like my childhood. To this day, when I see little copse of bushes (so perfect for a storybook imagining) it beckons to me, still. Ah me ... sigh ... life used to be so lovely and simple and pure.

  17. You penned so well my heartfelt feelings these days. I would love to find a place to curl up and melt away... bkm

  18. What a beautiful sad powm. There have been a number of times in my life I have felt this. Let's hope we can always find that bush to hide under.

  19. An enjoyable read here I think. Love the photo too. our closing line is so apt in ourr hectic world.