Thursday, 29 December 2016

Selected Tanka - II

at my ramble’s end 
children’s laughter drifts 
on fir scent breezes … 
though I cannot see them playing 
through the ancient boughs

Skylark, 4:1, Summer 2016 

the gossamer 
of autumn mist ...
the day begins 
too delicate to hold 
the heavy hours ahead

Skylark, 4:2, Winter 2016

the last time 
I visited her grave 
a hummingbird 
fluttered near me 
in the bleeding heart I’d planted

Ripples in the Sand – TSA Anthology 2016 

for my birthday 
I ask for printer ink 
a sign 
that age has made me more practical 
or ... I sense I'm running out of time 

Tanka Café, Tanka Society of American, 12:3, Fall 2016

origami butterfly —
until I master
wings that spread
I begin again
over and over

Moonbathing: A Journal of Women’s Tanka – Issue 15, Fall 2016 

photo:  Nitobe Japanese Garden, Vancouver (in blue tint) - W. Bourke

© 2016 Wendy Bourke 


  1. Marvelously crafted and very reflective

  2. the day begins
    too delicate to hold
    the heavy hours ahead... that is so incredibly beautiful.

  3. the bleeding heart I’d planted .
    Touched by consolation God provides .

  4. What a beautiful collection.. the last particularly drew me..almost like ending at the beginning again - have a peaceful new year

  5. Happy New Year, Wendy

    I really love the 3rd and the last tanka. The last one has a strong oriental feel to it.

  6. I especially love "until I master wings that spread".........these are beautiful, Wendy.

  7. A beautiful set of tankas. Happy New Year :)

  8. Gorgeous --- especially the second and third.

  9. There are many wonderful and beautiful lines here. I love the one about asking for printer ink on your birthday... funny and eloquent at the same time.

  10. Ah Wendy these are beautiful! I especially love the last piece!

  11. Oh, wonderful stuff! You make me want to write tanka again – and you set a high benchmark. :)

  12. Love the tanka from Ripples in the Sand. The bird and the bleeding heart add a deep sense of tenderness to the moment, makes it impossible to dismiss... or disbelief. Beautiful in imagery, and sad in the longing it leaves behind.

  13. too delicate to hold
    the heavy hours ahead

    Sometimes one might feel overwhelmed by little things that impinged hard on one's being! Very true Wendy!


  14. Wendy, these are superb. I couldn't pick a favorite. Each one captures a wise truth. I receive these as a gift. Thank you so much.

  15. Beautiful collection specially the last one Wendy.

    Cheers for another busy 2017!

  16. Love them all, each one a thought, yet when seen together, they almost becomes a narrative.

  17. These are stellar, Wendy, brava! I am especially wowed by #2 and #3. Hope you've had a wonderful holiday season.

  18. a lovely set of tanka. my favourite is #2. there is a timeless feel to it.

  19. Neat pockets of feeling for each season. I love the images and feel the emotions.