Thursday, 3 August 2017

In the Lemony Golden


Lemonade is not the same 
without a backyard to drink it in … 
Without the Lemony Golden Kingdom 
of childhood enchanted summers … 
lemonade is not the same 

Outside the backyard gates,
of the Lemony Golden Kingdom:
you cannot taste the sun in lemonade …
The lovely sparks and shards of light
do not strike the glass, quite right,
and the trickle slide of water beads,
no longer mesmerize …

Beyond the Lemony Golden Kingdom:
the tinkle-chimes of ice cubes, are not magical –
and the fragrant mingle of lemons,
fresh mowed grass and mud pies,
do not bounce off beach ball breezes …

Worst of all:  you cannot tell if the air stirs,
In baby breath whiffle puffs –
just enough – to tousle
wispy strands of toddler hair …
and flutter through flower patches –
just enough – to tickle-a-moment

                                                       I miss:  the rachet-rachet-rachet
                                                       of the spinning garden hose and the creak
                                                       of wooden swings squeaking amidst
                                                       ebullient shrieks from bathing-suited
                                                       water sprites … I miss happy barks …
                                                       and the sprays of wet-dog spritzes that
                                                       made us all giggle and chase each other
                                                       round ‘n round 'til we’d collapse in a heap ...

                                                       breathless ~ in the Lemony Golden ~

photo:  Condo Balcony – W. Bourke 
© 2017 Wendy Bourke


  1. This is magical. I can so relate. There is so much of life's flavors that are gone forever. But I take solace. I tasted that "lemonade".

  2. made us all giggle and chase round ‘n round 'til we’d collapse in a heap ... breathless ~ in the Lemony Golden

    Could sense lots of movements of lasses having fun outdoors! The innocence of the young! Great word craft, Wendy!


  3. Magical writing is when you elevate the mundane moments to magical ones with your sheer passion. I want that lemonade now! <3

  4. You really captured the essence of these summertime experiences and had me tasting the tang of lip-smacking lemonade and sweet, golden times. I loved this piece.

  5. Oh, how well you have captured the 'lemony golden kingdom.' With the tinkle of those magical ice cubes. And yes, the spinning garden hose, is definitely part of the atmosphere of those times forever gone but still remembered!

  6. You took me back to the lemony kingdom, when my kids were young. I LOVED the shush-shush-shush of the backyard sprinkler watering my huge garden.I, too, miss having a yard. I make do with my small porch where I have planted a few things.............this is a beautiful, evocative poem. Loved it.

  7. As an apartment dweller in a city where lemonade has no associations with childhood...I read your poem through a pleasant lemony haze... am connecting it to fresh squeezed sugar cane juice on the beach though... and it all comes together!

  8. Aah....I'm caught in the lemony golden nostalgia, the scent of it takes me to the good ol' days with a mother's touch.

  9. This is so beautifully eloquent, Wendy! I love the feeling of nostalgia which your words bring.. sigh..💖

  10. Childhood nostalgia in a fizz of picture bubbles - absolutely loved these lines

  11. So right! And so evocative of a lost time. And yet here it is living so loud in memory, it becomes real. Thank you for this delightful poem.

  12. Wow! Nostalgia at its very best, in images vivid and evocative. I really really got absorbed into this poem

    Thanks for an enchanting write, Happy Sunday Wendy

    much love...

  13. In saying what is not, you so beautifully evoke it!

  14. Nostalgia in a bottle...a big ol lemony one.

  15. Such a refreshing bit of nostalgia ... something with which most of us identify, no doubt. Well said!

  16. It's only partially sunny today, and then we'll have rain most of the week... But after that, next Sunday, I think... it will be very sunny. When the sun dances in the cloudless sky, I'll make lemonade, sit in my terrace, encircled by my plants, and I'll read your poem aloud (to me) while sipping lemonade.

  17. I could taste the refreshing lemonade on a hot summer day!

  18. Thanks you for taking me along to revisit the golden garden of your childhood. I especialy liked how you commnicated the sound of the sprinkler.

  19. I want to sink into the sights, scents and smells of the lemony garden ~ Beautiful Wendy ~ Have a good Monday ~

  20. This is so creative and relatable … and now I want a glass of lemonade!

    I love your wisdom: Lemonade is not the same
    without a backyard to drink it in …