Friday, 2 March 2018

on clouds and clogs

the wind is picking up outside my window ... perhaps, it will snow ...
snow always stops this – rarely snowy – town, in its tracks ...
he has brought me soup to sooth my disgruntled soul ...
and now he is at the door greeting a new plumber, who enters
our apartment, claiming the buzzer to our building isn't working

this is attempt-number-three to slay the clog that hides – malevolently –
beneath our laundry ... somewhere, deep, deep within our pipes ...
I overhear the plumber speculate that the clog is coming from
somebody else's drain ... that the clog is not even our clog ... he  suggests
bringing in a couple of guys who 'really know what they're doing'

once more – the clog has won the game, and attempt-number-four
is penciled in ... the air fizzles out of me like unplugged water wings ...
life's daily vexations can bog down a day in a flurry of inertia,
as a plethora of details spill from our busy pathways, into the quiet
spaces we seek out, to restore and sustain ourselves with peace

one of chopin's lovely preludes is tinkling from the mish-mash
of electronics in the corner of the room ... the pine trees that landscape
my view tousle on buoyant breezes ... cotton ball clouds sail gustily 

– enthralling – across the blue ... I hear the laughter of my love coming from
the laundry room ... the cursed laundry room ... I pick up my pen and write ...

a wicked and hideous clog, lurks in the dark recesses of this place ...
it sleeps for days ... but, inevitably – as soon as I convince myself that it has

moved on, or disappeared in the way of a vanquished apparition – it rousts
in grunts and gurgles ... like a bad plot in a made–for–TV stephen king movie ...
readying to spew forth a walloping blizzard of sudsy venom ...

there are sounds of good-bying and he returns with the latest clog update ...
the plumber's pretty sure, we'll get it next time ... he lingers over the scene

outside our window ... those clouds are really moving out there ... so nice ... 
and calming ... at least there are always such things as clouds ... he pauses,
for a moment, and adds ... as sure as ... there will always be such things as clogs
photo: Down the Drain - W. Bourke

© 2018 Wendy Bourke


  1. Indeed among all of the beauty of clouds, somehow the clogs always seem to lurk beneath. I suppose, in their own way, the clogs in life help us appreciate the clouds. I try to be philosophical about these things - ha - but it doesn't always work. Smiles.

  2. there will always be such things as clogs... and yet there is the scene outside the window..what a fabulous narration Wendy..loved it.

  3. I love how you have personified this mighty clog.. I am sure it will be vanquished soon

  4. Gosh such a wonderful narrative, Wendy!💞 I agree there will always be clogs .. let us hope they will be eliminated soon!

  5. Another of life's little mysteries...a lovely write. I almost felt like a fly on the wall, just watching and waiting.

  6. Ah the vexations of everyday life keep us real and tethered. This was so real I almost felt the frustration as my own as I have been there with circumstances. We recently lost power in our most recent winter storm and it was interesting going through the day, trying not to worry, flowing with the circumstances and even enjoying it...well for a bit!

  7. Ah, your husband is a philosopher. Optimistic plumber, as well, though "maybe next time" sounds a lot more expensive than "all fixed"!

  8. Remember (and appreciating) that at least, most of the time, life is a balanced dance can make things so much easier to bear. But damn the clogs anyway. Who says we must be logical (all the time)?

  9. Indeed, there will be clogs always and then there will be scenes outside to help us move on...

  10. For me a clog like this works well as any of the problems that exist right under the surface... of course the sunset is fine but the clog is there waiting... hope all gets well and that you don't have a case of that London fatberg that I read about.

    1. I just goggled London fatberg - WOOZERS!!! A clog the size of 2 double decker buses and 2 football fields. What a visual! I'm having nightmares tonight! Smiles.

  11. ah those clog!!! we never wish for them, but the magic is still there they do appear
    Luv the soup and hope of other good plumbers.

    Have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  12. Clogs and clouds - always in our life. A lovely narration Wendy. There will always be clogs but thankfully, there will always be clouds. Today here the sky is swept of clouds and only the purest blue. I love the hope of the plumber. May we all be blessed with it.

  13. I love the way you depict the clog as a lurking monster, and the way you build up a rich picture with all the details of domestic comfort and natural beauty too.

  14. What a nice read. I relate to it, except my husband would be a lot less graceful in his words and reactions.

  15. life's daily vexations can bog
    down a day in a flurry of inertia

    Clogging drains unseen can be most frustrating and it may not even be one of ours. Phew! You brought it out very well Wendy, great word craft!


  16. loved this narration of your battle with the clog.
    hope your next plumber is a good one and fixes it once and for all. :)

  17. Hate those clog issues - my hubby takes care of it, ha ~