Tuesday, 30 October 2018

scene dissolve

this chilly Tuesday  in the slate gray demeanor of a late
October afternoon  wrapped in Beethoven's Moonlight 
Sonata … day's end yawns ... and begins to dim, as the 
vespertine hour … gently … seeps into scene dissolve

the heat is kicking in, for the first time this autumn …
I smell the dust of summer ... it huffs and puffs, exhaled
from electric coils ... as redolent as any scent that has
fragranced my life ... this one:  the nip of  'home in fall'

I had forgotten the cozy glow of safe-haven coming into
view at the end of a slow meandering play and dawdle
home from school ... a peak frean shortbread dipped
in fairy tea waiting for me ... just beyond the green door

trees outside my window have almost shed their gold ...
their wood bone arms, rise up … and crack the sky …
a wisp of reminiscence stirs in dust and lugwig's notes …
and drifts … on the … held breath ... of time gone by

note:  fairy tea - milk served in a teacup with a pinch of sugar and a splash of tea, to take the chill off.

photo:   Tonight's Halloween- taken in 2011 by W. Bourke

© 2018 Wendy Bourke 


  1. You have captured things of this season well. Yes, slate gray of a late October afternoon as it begins to fade into evening. And yes, the smell of furnace heat which was absent all summer. Safe haven coming into view (seems like a thought of coming home after school) and so many thoughts of those times gone by. Where did they go anyway!!

  2. Love the contrasts between the indoor and and outdoor cold here... the comfort of a moonlight sonata compared to that late October... Maybe this is the time we really appreciate the fact that houses are hollow.

  3. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten Peak Freens. (Smile.) In so many other ways too, this is reminiscent of my own childhood (though mine was in Tasmania). Thanks for the sweet memories!

  4. I like the atmosphere in this poem, Wendy, the ‘end-of-the-day feeling you’ve evoked. I love the phrases ‘late gray demeanor’ and ‘day's end yawns’, and I could smell the electric coils heating up – it reminded me of childhood – as did the lines:
    ‘I had forgotten the cozy glow of safe-haven coming into
    view – at the end of a slow meandering play and dawdle
    home from school ... a peak frean shortbread dipped
    in fairy tea – waiting for me’.

  5. You took me back to walking home from school as a teen in autumn. For me, the scent is smokey - leaves burning, men raking them in yards I passed - a poignant feeling, as I was always dreaming, not of the home I had - no safe haven, no one home when I arrived - but of the home I would have one day.

  6. the small details in this poem, ... the scent of summer's dust, heating coils, the fairy tea and biscuits, the slow walk to soak it in, all make for a very gentle slip, into memory, time's passage, and how it can be such a comfort, as clearly it was/is ... how lovely and soft is this piece - very dreamy ... a lull that is a balm and tonic :)

  7. Lovely atmosphere you have evoked here. It is getting to be that time of year down here, at last.

  8. Peak freans ofcourse!❤️ I remember we used to have fruit creme and shortcake.. sigh.. your poem brings back so many memories, Wendy!❤️

  9. You had me at the smell of the furnace kicking on a reminder that summer has gone.

  10. OH, this is lovely. Every phrase crackled with scent or sight, those "wood bone arms" and the sonata, a piano practice staple...just evocative of fall afternoons.

  11. I am sure each of have been taken back to our ealier years and been delighted with your beautiful childhood memories. Nostalgia can be a friend or a temptress with PF Garibaldi and Shortcake biscuits in front of us!

  12. wrapped in Beethoven's Moonlight
    Sonata...a wonderful place to be

  13. Oh...I like this so much! You really captured the moment and the music.