Thursday, 20 June 2019

the one true thing

the rock and a hard place
the path meanders

... like belief ...

… and so ... 
the way proceeds
in unhesitant steps

... and then …
it stumbles to a stop

... and then …
you get back on the path again

… even when ...
it requires a profound act of will ...
for there's nothing-but-nothing
half way up that hill

… and so you go …
on and on and on

though it stops
and starts and peters out … still

… still … you press on ...
you press on
 … until ...

at last … you come
to a fact you embrace

so far from the dark rock
of that rock hard dark place ...

… and it lifts you up ...
… and it gives you wings ...
… and it stays with you always …

the one true thing

photo: taken at a small off leash dog park in Surry, B.C. - W. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke 


  1. This is just like life, I think. We continue to press on. Off the path, back on again. I love the ending..when one gets wings. Despite our varied journeys, in the end one is lifted up!!

  2. Great metaphor and the ending was pitch perfect

  3. I love the progression, and the way the rhyming underlines both message and mood.

  4. Wonderful! I especially love "so far from the dark rock of that rock hard dark place." I also love the rising on the wings of that one true thing.

  5. That middle spot, where there is no reward for the faith that brought you this far, is a small slice of hell. I could see this applying to so many things--someone in the middle of weight loss, someone in the middle of addiction recovery, someone crawling out of the pit of depression. I appreciate the honesty of this piece in not denying how bleak things look in that middle state because it makes me believe all the more strongly in the triumph of the end.

  6. Yes indeed, we just got to press on to the top, its the onky way of reachibg ir really
    Happy Sunday Wendy


  7. This reminds me so much of how life in, the constant struggle for those few lucid moment when the view opens up, and you see the valley below and know you've made progress.

  8. That "one sure thing", that feeder of will, that lifter of fallen... is such a gift. I really like how the repetition shows that things can go wrong many times before we get there. Still, in the end, if we focus on what matters--if we find strength in it--we won't stay down, we'll get were we need (and often want) to be.

  9. This is beyond beautiful, Wendy!❤️ I was mesmerized by the idea of "the path meanders like belief," and felt myself being led onto it without any trace of doubt and hesitation. A memorable write!❤️

  10. Love the idea of finding a path even where you seem to have come to a full stop or been pinned; the work of going forward, with all its hesitations, gives this a steady and hopeful beat.

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