Thursday, 11 July 2019

to rest

I rest now
a breeze is wafting through the window –
it smells of grass and from the street
the sounds of voices float ... an errant scene
from a short play – that I envision in my mind

here where I rest
there is no paper that is due ... there is
no test to study for ... no teething baby –
who kept me up for hours and hours –
is threatening to commence that punishment,
once more ... there is no work that cannot wait …
and there are minutes to be spared, for there is no job
to which I can't arrive a single minute late ... so I can rest

and thus, I rest
for rest ... has got to be the very very best
and brightest thing about the escalating tick of time, to death …

on my short list of all ... of what is wonderful
about becoming old ... blessed rest ... is, by far, the best –
at least for me – for there is time to ... finally ...
stop ... oh what scrumptious luxury ... to stop
and give a thought ... and give a thought

and as I rest
perhaps I'll add soft music to the hour ...
a line of poetry is drifting ever closer
and if I stay-this-way ... it just may find me yet ...

soon ... the 'to-do's' will call my name ... but until they do
... far from the hullabaloo ... I rest

photo photo-edited: I rest now - W. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke 


  1. First of all, thanks for your depthful comment on my last week's poem. Indeed it sounds like we had very similar experiences growing up. I smiled when you mentioned Dairy Queen. We used to go about once a week as well. Smiles. I remember when small cones were 5 cents. LOL. And yes, we played baseball in the street too. And, no, I never heard of Bobby Curtola. Smiles. As for TV shows, I liked Bonanza, but it was one of many. Ha, I can remember the names of those old shows, but today there really is no TV show that I look forward to...despite dozens of channels to choose from.

    As far as this poem - yes, to be able to rest when one wants to is wonderful. It is nice not to have some of those earlier obligations. I do think one can get too much of it though. I go nuts if I have too much time to rest and then I must find something to do! I figure that eventually the grave will give all the time in the world to rest, so thus the necessity to move on. Smiles!!

  2. I am sitting at my desk this morning with a similar breeze wafting through the window, reading your words and feeling the connection. It doesn’t matter where we are in the world, we all need a breeze smelling of grass and we all need rest after years of rushing about.

  3. Alas, I am not very good at resting. I'm sure I'd be better in so many ways if I could adopt your attitude.

  4. Wendy, i so agree....the best thing about aging is the gift of time, waking in the morning with nothing pressing, able to move slowly, no rushing. My sister is still working and i see the pace she lives at and am glad i have escaped that. My time is mine now, a great gift.

  5. I love the philosophical ponderings

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous, Wendy!💜 I am lounging in my balcony right now and reading your poem .. the way your words connect and bring relaxation is incredible! There is a calm and tranquility in these lines; "and as I rest perhaps I'll add soft music to the hour ...a line of poetry is drifting ever closer and if I stay-this-way ... it just may find me yet." Sigh 💜💜

  7. I'm afraid I know all too well that escalating tick of time. How does it do that? And why? And we are O so helpless to stop the ticking...

  8. Oh boy do I feel this one. I think my life gets too packed some times. I'm getting better at allowing myself a 5 minute break to just be (and not simply fill it with something lower down on my to-do list). But that's definitely a work in progress.

  9. Wendy. I hope you don't mind if I print your poem and place it near my desk. I must show it to my husband too. We both love the moments of tranquility gifted to us by this autumnal stage of life. Sometimes, I look up and see it's mid-morning. When I was younger I would have done a million things by then, yet now I drank my coffee leisurely, meditated, read, and unfortunately watched a little news (which I struggle to delete from my repertoire of morning routine).
    I so much relate to your words and I know my husband will agree with your attitude of gratitude for these times.

    BTW - I like the drawing. I like to draw too and appreciate your talent.

    1. Thank you so much, Myrna. What a lovely comment.

      We had 4 children in 4 years (twin boys in the mix). I worked full time and volunteered, probably way-too-much, on community initiatives. I remember passing a golf course once and pointed it out to my husband, Mike, with the words: 'Oh look … leisure … remember leisure ~ smiles ~ So yes, my husband and I, also, both LOVE 'the moments of tranquility gifted to us by this autumnal stage of life'. The freedom to enjoy 'leisure' is truly a gift.

  10. We all need to rest and regroup. Such a wise poem. I am glad I learned the art of resting.

  11. This was lovely--rest is something that can trigger my need-to-do-something-right-now's, the guilty diversion to distraction over really taking time to just read or let the day simmer around me and this poem was the gentlest reminder that that time, too, is valuable.

  12. I often find I don't rest enough though my body screams for sleep. Rest invigorates and renews the body. I think in moments of rest poetry does indeed find it's way to the heart. I also like the addition of music. What type of music would you add Wendy?

    1. We have a cable channel here called Stingray Nature. It is a wonderful mixture of light jazz/classical/celtic type instrumentals that are intermingled with nature sounds … bird song, surf, rain as well as the occasional wolf howl and whale 'vocals'. I have it on throughout most of the day. It runs the gamut from a Gershwin piano piece to Schubert's Serenade to Amazing Grace (and then dissolves into a thunder storm). It is awesome. Mike and I make a point of spending a couple of hours every afternoon working on 2 newspaper crosswords and just chatting and that channel is always on in the background. It lifts the ordinary up into 'some secluded rendezvous'.

  13. The gift of you can rest and savor these moments. You have earned it. :)