Wednesday, 3 July 2019

there ... in a moment

... he adds a smile to the moment ...

and suddenly, there is no need
to race from here
to some place else ...
no need, to waste away good hours
jostling to where I want to be ...
for I am there

the ivy on the fence
has performed 
its brilliant trick
and transformed
from green to crimson

a glaucous-winged gull
soars overhead ...
and it is wonder full

and look ... as if by magic ...
a spell of purple pansies bursts
like grinning bells upon the flower patch
that ... yesterday ... was bare

the grass is freshly cut
and scents the air

here and now... and here ...
in this repose
there is so much
... to lift me up … 
and lifts me up
and lifts me up
... and then ...

... he adds a smile to the moment ... 

note:  This was written in response to Poets United Midweek Motif:  Weathering Uncertain Times.  I have long felt that the way to finding inner peace, is to look for it in moments.  It can be found as close as your own backyard … or nearest park ~ smiles ~

photo:  As close as Your Own Backyard - W. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke


  1. Oh yes, the secret of happiness is taking pleasure in just such moments.....and there is an abundance of them. This lifted me up too, Wendy. Thank you.

  2. "... he adds a smile to the moment ..." We need to do this to live well whether the moment is good or bad. Lovely uplifting thought.

  3. That's such a beautiful moment!

  4. Beautiful and that smile of his really capped it!

  5. I absolutely love, love, love this poem, Wendy!!💜💜 It has that classic courage and hope weaved in-between the lines. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt!😘😘

  6. This is just the sweetest piece. I agree, you can find a lot of happiness in the quiet moments. And when those moments come with smiles from the ones you love--perfection. I don't think the fanciest dinner can compare with a shared joke and grin while going about our morning routine.

  7. that smile is just so perfectly placed.
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine Wendy

    Thanks for your appreciation Vivian


  8. I love the phrase ‘he adds a smile to the moment’, Wendy, and the way the smile flickers through your poem: in the ivy’s brilliant trick, the pansies’ spell, and the freshly cut grass.

  9. Small moments of beauty and happiness are to be treasured. Lovely poem.

  10. This is beautiful, Wendy. The best way to lift ourselves up is to look at our surroundings, to enjoy all that is near and to take solace in that.