Friday, 9 August 2019

where meaning lies

the leaves have begun
to stir, in gladding flutters
... once again ...
and I think the smothering heat wave
has abated

I have
spent these past lost days
in hot flat lethargy
willing it to go

so much so
that now
the reemergence of typicality
appears miraculously
heaven sent

... the world is beautiful ...
in the halcyon glow of summer

though, ordinarily, I would, probably,
not notice
for it is unexceptional

even as
this day floats
on petals of contentment
like apple blossom petal boats
upon a breeze

in the unremarkable, remarkable

where I am sure
that meaning lies ... though I
have only ever felt it stir

photo: Osoyoos Lake,  B.C., in the Heat - H. Bourke
© 2019 Wendy Bourke 


  1. This is incredibly gorgeous, Wendy!💖 Sometimes we don't get time to appreciate the beauty of the world around us due to hectic lifestyle and responsibilities 😊 every now and then we should stop and smell the roses 💖

  2. I love those petal boats sailing with ease in this beautiful run of words

  3. I always find something to be enchanted by at different times of year, but I do so love the summer days after the worst of the heat has passed and you can start tasting a little of fall on the wind.

  4. I think the older I get the more beautiful the world appears. Let's hope our children can appreciate it too as we humans are such a careless and destructive race.

  5. How lovely! I too feel that meaning lies in 'the unremarkable, remarkable'.

  6. This makes so much sense--meaning in the attention that flickers back into your surroundings after having drifted into inattention.

  7. I often notices nature and the seasonal changes. The unremarkable can be remarkable.

    The heat here has subsided a bit and brought on a few cooler days and nights. It's great for sleeping and dreaming.

    The world is beautiful we only need to see with a different lens.

  8. this was a beautiful summer poem. thank you for sharing it with us!

  9. In the unremarkable remarkable, where freedom lovely a thought. I love those petal boats, floating on the breeze. Summer is so lovely, isnt it? Wonderful to read you, my friend.

  10. I feel that all the answers probably lie in the "unremarkable, remarkable." And this is a stunning poem.

  11. You notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. I read this twice. It felt so soothing and lovely. Your writing always is.

  12. "ordinarily, I would, probably,
    not notice
    for it is unexceptional" --Emerson wrote about this in an essay, I forget which one. I love the phenomena of renewal of presence and wonder. Good poem.

  13. Ob that stirring breeze, so lovely you responded to its charm
    Happy Sunday


  14. Very rare does one stop to notice a day floating on the petals of contentment...and for that I applaud your taking the time to observe this detail in the midst of a chaotic world. Well penned.

  15. I've always thought ordinary is only remarkable in waiting. So, your ending, that stirring... made me think of that.