Thursday, 3 October 2019

first kiss


the kiss came  
none too soon

under the stars and gypsy moon  
waiting, in orchard breezes,

for the other to proceed:

a preemptive peck to signal 
they were set to do the deed. 

both wanting to appear sincere and not  
improper – or imply – 
that they were the kind person
to kiss any girl – or guy.

murmurs amongst the quivers  
til, she heaved a breathy sigh.

then fell –

a bashful velvet kiss
her cherry lip-balmed lips . . . 

like magic . . . floating by.

flitter-flutters  flitter-flutters
'neath the WHAMMO, WHAMMO SKY !!!

notes:  Winner - First Prize: The Ontario Poetry Society. Sparkle and Shine Poetry Contest, 2014.

Sherry and I had a wonderful conversation this past week at Poets United about 'What to do with all that Poetry'.  Our fellow poets joined in and, together, we touched on subjects such as:  publishing, self-publishing, archiving, audio poetry and social media.  If you missed it, and have been wondering about ' What to do with all that Poetry' check  it out at 'What to do with all that Poetry'.  A lot of awesome info was exchanged and, personally, I learned a lot.

photo:  Cherry Red – W. Bourke
© 2013 Wendy Bourke

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