Thursday, 10 October 2019

view from a rock and a hard place

I had gone looking for the whimsical in nature ...
 for the week had been a slog

and had found a bit of comic relief
in the crooked smile of an ancient oak tree knot

from somewhere in the distance ... I heard the laughter
of young children ... as if it tumbled from another time ...
and then

I sat down atop a whopping big rock ... which took a choreography
of contortions to climb aboard ... and although ...
an inelegant ascent … nothing else close by
seemed remotely suitable … and so …

 I persevered and, at length, succeeded ... smiling,
after-the-fact, at the peculiar sight I must have made ... but ...

for all that ... I felt ... as I looked out from my agreeable slate perch ...
far more ... a forest being ... than I had previously felt, when I walked
the path ... for now ... I had a home ... albeit a briefly borrowed one

the sanctum played its own notes ... which were periodically interspersed
with the sounds of children ... the children I couldn't see ... and I thought
… since, by then, we were all in the story together ... 
maybe ... they were magical ... like me … because 

with only the forest creatures for company,
I was invisible ... weightless in the enchanted woods ...
and I floated in the lightness I had come to that place ... seeking

photo:  End of Summer Foliage (framing the City of Vancouver with the Pacific Coast Mountains in the background) – W. Bourke 

© 2019 Wendy Bourke


  1. Oh, I like very much the whimsical in this, the dream-like feeling that your poem gives me, though it seems grounded in reality....especially in the beginning. That last stanza is magical.

    Sorry I could not comment on your talk with Sherry on the Monday. I was away from home, sans computer, and oddly nothing works to make this possible on my phone or tablet. I did read it though....later...and appreciate all of the thought that went into it!!

  2. I love the excitement and magic that flows this poem - a delight to read

  3. Seems we were both connecting with nature in our poems this week, my friend. Yours is so lovely. I smiled, imagining your pleased smile having ascended to your rocky ledge, feeling like a magical being, in that time out of time. Your photo is beautiful, too.

  4. Being at one with nature is a truly magical experience. We don’t always get to feel this way but I want to thank you for reminding me!

  5. Love the way you find your way into the magic through the effort of climbing the enchanting fairy tale walk.

  6. It is always worthwhile going to have a chat with nature once in a while away from our madness and appreciate her detrmination to keep going regardless of man's stupidity. We can only appreciate how beautiful the world is when we observe it with no other humans are in sight!

  7. You have an amazing way of taking the reader on a journey of discovery. The ending made me smile, there is beauty in the enchantment.

  8. It sounds idyllic! (Even if it did take some effort to get there.)

  9. magical and yet down to earth.

  10. we are all in the story together - i love the larger picture - so global, so warm!

  11. There is nothing like the feeling of being in harmony with the world around you. A little inelegant contorting is a small price to pay for it.

  12. This had me grinning at your "choreography of contortions" and the "sight I must have made"! Magical poem, Wendy, all the way through.

  13. I love the imagery in this one, Wendy! It gives me a sense of calm and peace ❤️