Friday, 24 January 2020

chasin' rainbows ... and other diversions

Over the past few weeks, so many heart-rending developments are unfolding in many places around the world.  The concern and sadness is mentally exhausting (as one attempts to take it all in)  ... and I found myself totally in sync with Magaly's remarks in opening the Poets and Storytellers United, Writers' Pantry, today.  In particular, the line:  'let writing and reading poetry and prose be our break on this day' really hit a chord with me.  As you will see (as you read on) I could not have gone in a less serious direction with my post this week.  And it felt good … to go there. 

A bit of silliness, inspired by a true story … a 'sticky situation' … I found myself in … or, more to the point, personally set in motion (albeit accidentally).  The incident/accident caused me to be late, meeting M.  When we finally caught up with each other, I apoIogized, of course.  At first, he thought that the excuse that I offered was that:  I had been chasing rainbows.  Close … I corrected … but sadly, nothing quite so wonderful as that.

I have come to discover, that looking for humor … is a good course to try and steer towards, when crummy things happen.  Thus (with a dash of hyperbole) … my explanation: 

I was a teeny wee bit peckish
and passed that bakery, you know ...
the one on Main … oh the aroma ...
and that … delicious, sweet window

when I spied those oatmeal raison cookies ...
well … what's a mortal soul to do … when …
scrumptious oatmeal raison cookies … fall ...
to earth … out of the blue

of course … they're leaving with you …
yep … I bought the lot to go …
there was just a mere six dozen
and … what-the-heck … you-never-know

and then I dropped ... the dang bag ...
and the next thing that I knew,
it was raining oatmeal raisin cookie crumbs ...
what a hull … of … a … baloo!

I said, that I was sorry ...
is there something I can do?
and  boom … before I knew it ...
someone handed me a broom!

believe me ... chasin' raisins
is not the snap that you might think ...
there were raisins on the counter ...
there were raisins in the sink

there were raisins in the hanging lights
and heading ant-like out the door ...
raisins scattered to the four winds ...
on raisin/oatmeal colored floors 

just when I’d think I’d done it,

and squashed their little raisin spree ...
I’d spot another raisin,
where a raisin shouldn’t be

and as the minutes ticked away,
gawd knows, I kept on trying ...
but I swear the little devils,
mark my words, were multiplying

in my defense: I’m sorry,
that I’m forty minutes late ...
but I’ve been chasin' raisins ...
and somethings … simply … cannot wait

photo:  'Bakery Window' (from a display window on Main - the window was actually in a paper supply store - and the cakes are all folded and rolled papers) – W. Bourke 

© 2020 Wendy Bourke


  1. I enjoyed this so much, the more so because it is the kind of thing that might have happened to me....I cant believe they made you sweep it up! Loved all the plces where a raisin shouldnt be.

  2. That was such a fun read! I think it would lift anyone's spirits.

  3. Oh this is absolutely delightful!!💝

  4. Chasing raisins can be an endearing and enduring but certainly most satisfying


  5. I'm all smiles, and I needed some smiles today. So, thank you so much, Wendy.

    I can see the raisins plotting how to surprise the speaker. Shouting, "Your broom is not fast enough. We are racing raisins!"

    Also, now I am craving cookies.

  6. I love the humor in this, and the idea of strange reasons for being late could be a fun topic (and in the end there where not a single cookie to give)

  7. What fun!! I love the hull-of-a-baloo! Just a delight from beginning to end. Refreshing to find something to smile about!

  8. oh what a delightful poem It puts a smile on my face thinking about chasin raisins

  9. OMG this is so adorably witty. Happy Sunday Wendy


  10. What a laugh, once bought one should never regret the purchase of anything especially oatmeal raisin cookies!

  11. Seriously, the shop made you clean? Funny story!

  12. Ha! I love it! Somehow, and I don't know why, "where a raisin shouldn't be" is my favourite line. Just the thought that somewhere there is a sacred scroll addressing where raisins should and should not be makes me kinda giggle.

  13. Oh, I so love this. I can picture the futile raisin sweep. I love all your raisin descriptions. What an excuse for being late.

  14. What else could you do? Ha, a wonderful little story.

  15. I loved it and it took my mind off of other things. The things we're trying to avoid with our prompt today. Those darn raisins!!

  16. Smiling at this! You hit a groove with this one, friend. You have a knack for this type of poem. So fun, so delightful.