Thursday, 20 February 2020

the big truth - a tanka sequence piece

a dewdrop
dangling from a leaf –
mesmerizes me
as I await ...
the inevitable

in that pending small reveal
the certitude ... the big truth
from minuscule to monumental –
all things change

nothing remains the same ...
the last hope
in the worst of times –
the shadow cast
upon the happiest of hours

photo:  Dewdrop on a Leaf - W. Bourke

© 2020 Wendy Bourke


  1. So beautiful, Wendy. Like you, I carry the confusion of so much beauty in the world at the same time so much is going wrong. How can it be? Why is it governments refuse to listen to the voice of the people who pay their paychecks? Still, I walked the forest trail to Tonquin beach late yesterday afternoon. So much beauty, there was no room for anything else. A welcome respite. Your closing lines tell it true.

  2. Beautifully said, and it is good to be reminded that 'all things change' applies as much to the bad times as the happy hours.

  3. I love the almost ominous expectancy of the dewdrop dangling from a leaf, Wendy, and the certitude that all things change. And then the tone in the final line confirms the darkness in this poem with the ‘shadow cast upon the happiest of hours’. I just looked out of the window and saw two blackbirds fluttering around the bird feeder, trying to stay buoyant in the strong winds, enjoying the food my husband put out for them, and I wondered whether they were aware of the chaos that some humans cause.

  4. Isn't it funny when we are younger we can't wait for change but when we get older we hate it! However that does leave us with some fond memories.

  5. Things change, indeed. Enjoyed that.

  6. A beautiful write Wendy and yes things change all the time...
    Anna :o]

  7. I often strive -- and almost as often fail -- to convey this same concept/philosophy/approach. You have masterfully succeeded here. Kudos!

  8. Change is constant. I love the image of; "a dewdrop dangling from a leaf," it feels like the last remnants of the past before we embark upon the future.💝

  9. Yes, Change is only constant. lovely lines.

  10. The pause in this and the potential for change became epic in the telling.

  11. This is lovely, Wendy. Sigh ......

  12. In those small things as looking deeply into that dewdrop before the fall. Thank you for planting that image in my mind.

  13. Big truths, indeed. Few things are certain in life, but the fact that there will be change and hurt (and good things, too) is always bubbling in the air. I really like that this certainty gives us reason to be cautious and to be hopeful at the same time.