Saturday, 27 June 2020

Getting There ... Slowly

Pausing for a minute here ... between happy dances … I have actually gotten my first book to the point of signing off on the proof. In a sea of bad-news-days, this feels like nothing-short-of-a-miracle.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I can get back to the 'Whatnot' website and attempt to bring some organization to it.  We are still working on trying to get an explosion of info tucked in under 'click-on' prompts that folks - just-starting-out and established writers - might find helpful ... things from: literary forums to getting isbn/ismn numbers and bar codes for your book(s) … as well as,  new mediums (such as textiles and film) for poetry and prose:  basically, those things that broaden and add so much to the writing experience, but can be real 'hair-pulling head-scratchers'. 

I took on writing 'in earnest' 10 years ago and it has become my 'go-to feel-good place' ever since. Now, it seems, I am embarking on the next leg of this journey. Having written almost 400 pieces, I am finding that inspiration is flowing a little slower than 'early days' and I am interested in publishing more of my work in the hopes that, at least some of it will survive. 

Thus, while I intend to always continue writing, the plan is to concentrate on these two other priorities, at least until I see signs that they are 'coming together'. And as I have learned - the hard way - things come-together best when you begin with a plan.

lament to slow progress

it all began, without a plan ...
and then I hit a wall ...
at first, I just ignored it ...
but it never budged at all

I thought I'd go around it ...
but, alas, there was no end ...
I tried to meet it half-way ...
but that brick wall wouldn't bend

the catapult was overkill ...
I realize that now ...
pole vaulting might have worked
- I think - if only I'd known how ...

the tunnel was a waste of time ...
likewise the rope that broke ...
sledgehammers were gawd-awful ...
and the ladder was a joke

until - at last - I came ...
to where - the snafus - first began ...
to question-question-question ...
and to make myself … a plan

Graphic – W. Bourke 

© 2020 Wendy Bourke


  1. Ha ha, fully sympathize with you. The aches and pains of a writer. I know them well.

  2. Exciting news! How wonderful to be so near completion of your published book. I look forward to the big announcement! (And yes, I'm sure a plan is helpful in many situations.)

  3. Good for you, Wendy. You did it. I am so glad. It sounds amazing.

  4. Congratulations on the book! The wall made me smile.

  5. Congrats on your writing endeavors, and thank you for the charming poem! A nugget of truth nestled among a lot of fun!

  6. Many many congratulations, Wendy! 🥰 How lovely to hear that you are near to publishing your book. I resonate with the poem, we all come across such hurdles every now and then.

  7. Congratulations - So, glad a plan was made. Good news indeed.

  8. That was fun to read Congratulations with your big achievement on publishing your book Wendy

  9. Exciting! Congratulations!Good Luck with everything.

  10. good for you! this poem is a great way to sum your feelings about your book plans. thanks for sharing.

  11. First, congratulations one getting to this point, Wendy. My muse and I are celebrating (and feeling inspired by) your achievement.

    The poem sounds like a song that could've come right out of my heart. Every time I look at what I've written these last few years, the amount looks... almost scary and slightly overwhelming. Starting with a plan might be just the thing.

  12. Well done and good news.
    Yes, it's good to have a plan and a backup to the plan. Then maybe a backup to the backup plan...
    As you attested on each of your attempts, there is always a way.