Thursday, 10 January 2019

riddle bridge

I had wandered
with my chattering thoughts
in the afternoon mist
of blue light-as-air

barely-there drizzle

that adorned
the peace and quiet
with a wobbly half promise
that my solitude would not be
intruded upon ... 

when I came, at length,
to the tiny wooden structure

that I have come to call 'riddle bridge'

for, as usual,
there was no discernible purpose

for its presence ... 

and while, there might have been
an excuse to build it

it stood, now,
more as an argument for patience
than a means to an end 

though, it always gives me pause
and causes me to wonder, anew,

about that which informs our decisions,
as I walk across it … yet again ...
my hyperbolic ruminations,
replaced by the riddle
of 'riddle bridge'

photo:  'Riddle Bridge' in Burnaby Park – W. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke


  1. more as an argument for patience
    than a means to an end.. oh I love those lines Wendy!

  2. I like that 'pause' and contemplation while life goes on. A beauty of a poem.

  3. Fascinating! Perhaps its purpose is exactly that: to cause the chattering thoughts to pause and become contemplative. The peace at the end of the poem is palpable.

  4. Interesting to come upon something on our 'walk' through life and wonder about its purpose. Sometimes, I guess, its purpose is just to make us pause (like this bridge) and wonder. Perhaps it might enlighten us, perhaps test our patience, but one way or another the 'bridge' will be crossed! A very contemplative piece, Wendy.

  5. I agree with Rosemary--I wondered if the bridge was there just to give the walker a reason to stop and think. Lovely poem!

  6. This is beyond beautiful, Wendy!❤️ I wonder if the bridge is responsible for pause and contemplation .. we seldom stop to think and ponder upon our surroundings. Love the feeling of calm and tranquility that your words offer.❤️

  7. A wonderful moment of wonders about a small stream that may have dried up, and what life it may once have contained. And of the ones who planned and built the bridge, and how long ago. I have heard Burnaby Park is beautiful, but have never walked there.

  8. Loved this. Perhaps it is there to slow the pace and wonder as this poem suggests.

  9. Riddle me this:
    Why does seeing that bridge
    Cause me bliss?

  10. I think the bridge once hovered over a stream. The rocks below leave clues to the wandering eyes. Now this bridge is a bridge of thought.

  11. Sometimes there are no answers to the riddles that come up for us?

  12. What better purpose can any structure have than to birth new wonder? I love this. I'm enchanted by the fact that it will never again be a bridge that does nothing.

  13. Interesting! It held my attention throughout. enjoyed my visit. ;-)

  14. Intriguing. We do every one of us need "riddle bridges" in our walks through life. Moments of puzzling, moments of introspection and contemplation while being absorbed by such a theme.
    Happy Sunday


  15. I think a lot of things in the garden have no purpose but to delight us.