Wednesday, 6 February 2019

old souls and ancient trees

though its look
and its dimensions
are unremarkable, as trees go,
the maple tree, just inside
the portal to the park
has about it, an aspect
of mystic authenticity
– a spirit, I suppose –
that puts me in mind
of an old soul

and so, I sit at the picnic table
below its arms-wide-open
branches and share a sandwich
or a piece of fruit when I chance
to visit that reflective place, for

I have an affinity for old souls

– be they bark-or-bone –
the spaces they occupy
are calm and conducive
to contemplation and occasion
one to read, as I often do when
I am with them, for I know

that old souls are very wise
in the ways of truth and harmony
and nurturing and flourishing, and live
to confer their beneficence upon friends, 
to whom, old souls reveal
– by a myriad of means –
what is . . . and what will be

photo: Old Souls and Ancient Trees - W. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke


  1. I love this sentence:"that old souls are very wise."

    have a great weekend

  2. Lovely. I believe all trees are old souls

  3. Oh yes - old souls know many things, have seen many things. One can only imagine all that this beautiful tree has witnessed over the years!

  4. Oh, this is so beautiful and wise. I think you are an old soul yourself, Wendy. I love the lines about old souls being wise in the ways of truth and harmony. Just beautiful.

  5. P.s. did you see on facebook that our lungs and tree branches are so similar in design? That leaves me in awe.

  6. Trees and old souls – definitely, Wendy! I like the idea of a maple having mystic authenticity – oaks, willows and birches too.

  7. There are trees in my neighborhood with that sort of feel, as if they are a watcher over their particular patch of earth and have seen so much during their tenure. Of course I say hello when I make my daily rounds. Its only polite to get to know the neighbors.

  8. There is something enchanting about trees and old souls isn't it? I loved this poem!!❤️

  9. be they bark or bone... what a great way to express the similarity of old souls... we have an oak in our garden... there is something so special with some trees.

  10. What a celebration of such a welcoming place!

  11. I truly enjoyed this reflective piece on souls. I have known trees like yours that have weathered the storms of life. They stand tall offering secrets whether they be bark or bone. Yes, well said Wendy.

  12. There's an old peach tree in my yard. It is dying but I sense it's soul is alive and speaks to me about aging, beauty and its lack. I can't/won't kill it. I don't think it's in misery, it's just being natural. Love how you speak about your special tree. It sounds old, wise, mystical.

  13. There is a tree in the wood on our property that is one of my best friends. He is an old oak and I frequently climb him. I speak to the other trees and bushes and young trees. It is good to get to know ones neighbors and potential new ones.

  14. I am older than an old ones old bits.

  15. Brilliantly led Wendy, from an old soul of a tree to other old souls around us. You have a knack of utilizing a context of situation different from others, in this case appreciating the outdoors. Very well thought out, Ma'am!


  16. This lovely poem is also conducive to contemplation.

  17. I agree.. an old tree somehow instantly calms one down and provides a refuge in its arms.

  18. Old souls--bodies filled with blood or sap--are, indeed, a gift. I love the structure of this one, the pacing, how we are giving information and then shown why it matters.