Friday, 27 September 2019


“Bye now ... I envy you, treated to all that beautiful white.”

“And I envy you,” my cousin answers back, with a chortle of laughter “not having to shovel it.”

I hang up the phone and stare out my window at the explosion of coloured leaves on-and-under tree limb, that is nature's gift to me, this day ... while my prairie kinfolk, a mere thousand kilometres away, are the lucky spectators to a marvelicious light show ... an hours-and-hours-long, thirty centimetre deep ... cascade of glorious sparkling snow.

'Seasons', I whisper aloud ... yet again, struck by the epically sweeping profundity of change that is connatural to all life ... though no where, quite so conspicuously ... than in the change of seasons.

Seasons paint and repaint and repaint ... the scenes upon which the days of our existence play out. They impart visuals, sounds, scents, weather ... and even, at times, touch and taste to our world ... At the awesome, and perfect, convergence of time and sun and orbit and the tilt of this planet ... a grand new plethora of wonders is laid before us ... nature ... in all its magnificence.

Thus, the seasonal changes are deeply rooted in all living things ... how we receive them ... how we relate to them ... how we enjoy ... and rejoice in them. For me ... and for many others, I have known ... the depth of response to the changing seasons is, at times, transcendent. The metaphor, intrinsic in seasons, is repeated over and over throughout our lifetime ... spring ... summer ... autumn ... winter ... rebirth ... growth ... aging ... ending. It is beautiful ... it is moving ... and it is spiritual. Perhaps, that is why so many of us keenly relate ... and feel an abiding concord with nature ... with the natural flow of life as we witness it ... again and again ... in the coming and going of seasons … and in embracing it ... find peace. 

To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
photos:  Whistler in the Winter Season – H. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke  


  1. This is lovely, Wendy. Fall is my favourite season. I agree the changing of the seasons can lift our that word.

  2. Yes, the seasons....and the song "Turn Turn Turn" sung by Judy Collins, Pete Seger, and the Byrds among others. The song has such relevance today, as does the quote from Ecclesiastes that inspired it. I think as one gets older one appreciates these cycles and perhaps realizes that one thing leads to another and everything does not remain the same. And yes, seasonal changes ARE rooted in all living things...spring to summer to autumn to winter, and then rebirth again. We as humans have to go with the flow of nature. We have no choice. "Turn Turn Turn." Another keeper, Wendy!

  3. The seasons are so different here in the tropics and the changes so much more subtle - yet I know exactly what you mean when you talk of our response to them!

  4. Is there really already snow on the prairies? I never cease to be amazed at the extreme variations in weather across North America. That said, the British Isles are tiny in comparison and we have our own little pockets of weather dotted about the countries and counties, with Scotland the snowiest and Ireland seemingly the rainiest – and greenest! Autumn is my favourite season, with its rich colours, and spring next – I’m not keen on winter or summer, although they each have their own beauty.

  5. What a wonderfully thoughtful meditation on the seasons. Made me wish for snow

  6. Meanwhile I am waiting for warm sunshine, however the secret is to enjoy each season as they come along.

  7. I love taking the time out to observe the seasonal ebb and flow. In the last couple of years I have tried to take note of the microseasons, and little firsts that mark the passing of the year (first red leaf spotted, first quiet night without crickets, first morning that requires a sweater, etc.). It's such a pleasant way to mark time.

  8. I love how you show the spiritual meaning in seasons. We will know we are in big trouble when there are none.

  9. So much to consider in this. The way we experience the year so dependent on shifts that in themselves might be changing, the way a cooler day makes me want to watch an old movie and think about old friends...this inspires a deeper think. :)

  10. Seasons are so different around the globe, yet we all live with those regularities, and now around equinox the changes are more rapid than ever.... summer and winter seems never to move, but come autumn and spring and changes are constant.

  11. Nature is a fantastic teacher. I've always thought that we--humans--could be so much happier if we embrace her lessons. Change wouldn't be such a troubling thing, aging not an undesirable stage, chaos an opportunity and not a reason to despair... Yes, we would be happier indeed, if we kept from forgetting.

  12. Your words make me wonder about how the psychology and spirituality of those who live where there is no or little seasonal change might be different from those who do live within these regular changes. And also the seeming paradox that humans are also nature, and yet, forgetting that we are nature is part of our nature? Things to ponder on a Sunday morning. You have painted a beautiful picture here! And that picture makes me long to ski. :-)

  13. I think the seasons do indeed change us. Everything living seems to have a cycle in which to journey through. Fall is upon us and I see the visual colors expanding the landscape. Yet, a part of me sees the long winter ahead and that is a reminder that time changes us all.

  14. I love how the Japanese rever and note the change of seasons. This lovely poem puts me in mind of it and the spiritual implications in them

  15. The cycle of life is repeated over and over again in the seasons and you expressed this eloquently.

  16. This is so gorgeously expressed!❤️ I agree "seasonal changes are deeply rooted in all living things."

  17. Makes me wonder if you reside in Montana... they have a record amount of snow for this early in September! I see Vancouver - so not too far away! Yes, I too love the metaphor of seasons and our own aging. Beautiful poetry.

  18. To every season, we see the gifts and highlight their beauty! A wonderful poem~

  19. Comings and goings, as we know, are the way life plays out, and yet sometimes we make that playing out so difficult by our resistance to it. In today's poetic offering, you embrace, rather than resist, life's comings and goings. I am enchanted, and grateful.

  20. Beautiful. I love the undulation of time you've ensconced in your words. Your writing matches the peace felt in the changing and embracing of the seasons.

    You also made me look forward to the beauty of snow! :-D

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