Friday, 6 December 2019

a good place under heaven

oh ... for the days
when I floated
down wilderness paths …
I unfurl my arms-to-wings

... still ... this sky ...
lifts me from the mortal coil ...
all impediments and doubts
eclipsed by the profundity
... of being ...

there were tall green grasses
and cathedral trees ...
there were mountain trails
and dolphin blue seas ...
now ... in mind's eye

the days I embraced ...
the voyages I sailed ...
my life's passages ...
is it not so? ... all of it ...
has led me to this good place

under eternal heaven
far ... far .. beyond
the dissever of minutia ...
surely ... this is spiritual ...
for it confers ... such peace

 photo:  The Pacific Ocean photographed from Qualicum Beach – W. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke 


  1. Your words paint a scene as beautiful as your photo, my friend. I love the remembering of the grasses, tall trees, dolphins.....and the peacefulness of knowing they brought you to "this good place".

  2. I love every word of this, and the wonderful feeling it evokes.

  3. I am glad you have found your happy place - so very important

  4. How lucky you are to find what really pleases you. You don't realize how lucky you are Wendy.

  5. A beautifully contemplative poem, Wendy!❤️ I love; "in mind's eye the days I embraced ... the voyages I sailed." We feel and remember so much, don't we?❤️

  6. Such peace....., beautifully done!

  7. Love the lift within this, and the way you scatter the minutiae.

  8. I find such peace in your words. They are like medicine for me.

  9. "all of it...has led me to this good place..."

    When I am fully aware of where I am and how I got there, I can honestly say that even what I thought were missteps were crucial steps in my journey. Thank you for prompting me to reflect.

  10. May we all have such a blue sky peace. Thank you for this visual.

  11. my life's passages ...
    is it not so? ... all of it ...
    has led me to this good place

    Having come this far and happy having found 'a good place' is certainly most satisfying. No looking back but to move forward to savor all the goodness!


  12. there's so much tranquility in the words!