Thursday, 21 March 2019

the way of spring

though it was the way of spring ...
the townsfolk never, quite, got used to it

never quite got used
to the proclivity
the season had
of teasing one and all into believing
it had arrived ... to stay

like a fickle friend that can't decide
whether to hang about or head back out

spring came and went …
over and over ...
spitting on the lot of them
as it departed … in a huff of chilly bluster

leaving everyone in town ...
to grumble back into
their knackered out jackets ...
and cranky pants frowns
and then   just when 
it seemed the place would – never again – turn green

the world began to smell
of mud and sunshine
and freshly wrung breezes ...
that fluttered across meadows
and tousled down half-awake streets ...
somersaulting  with winged glee 
through open windows ...

and they all knew

as they poured into-the-out-of-doors ...
grinning ... and bouncing for joy …
singing songs and writing poems
in praise of new beginnings …
and rebirth … and spring

photo: A Field of Daffodils in Spring - W. Bourke
© 2019 Wendy Bourke

Monday, 11 March 2019

olden library

in this place, where I am now, there are no olden libraries
only new ones meccanoed in chrome and laminate and glass ...
cold edifices filled with hard edges and data ...
so dissimilar from the warm sublimity that I fondly recall
in the olden libraries of my long ago they even smell differently

that was the first thing that you noticed
when you entered through the doors of an olden library ...
the smell of a venerable forest  redolent in wood fragrance

the heavenly stacks, of course, were splendiferous ...
bountifully bedecked, with magnificent books, brightly swathed
in every manner of cover and bind and colour and texture ...
a treasure trove for the eye arrayed with just enough rumple
to entice a roving quest by the bibliophiles who roamed the aisles: 
the young and the not-so-young and the ancients with kind faces

and then there was the matter of sounds ... for, all living places
play their own notes and so it was with olden libraries ...
they whispered and chuckled and cleared their throats ...
chairs bleated like lost lambs back-and-forthing across
scraped and pitted oak boards ... and books plopped like pebbles
sploshing into a brook, or whizzed – gaseously as they were
thumbed and leafed throughand thumbed, anew

and oh the dusty light that was just so just right – shining golden
through lead glass windows to fall in prisms across the desks,
as the supper hour beckoned, on a late spring evening

best of all, if you could walk to and from them strolling down
hopscotched sidewalks, inhaling lilacs-and-the-green, while words
rolled round you like far off thunderclaps that was the full awesome
that was the whole shebang the whole kit and kaboodle
the what-a-feeling ... spell ... that only an olden library could cast

graphic:  photo/graphic art piece of McLeod’s Bookstore on Pender in Vancouver - a Harry Potter-esque trove of beautiful old books where you can, literally lose yourself, gleefully, for hours - W. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

at the border of dreams

in the spaces between wake-and-sleep
and sleep-and-wake, the dots connect
. . . in the most astonishing ways . . .
a rambling scramble of image, inkling and reality,
story-booked into an unfolding labyrinthine tale
of the familiar and the strange

and so it was, in the last of the winter gales,
as the windows rattled like chattering teeth,
I came, once more, to the border of dreams,
in the ebb and flow, of a late afternoon repose

and found myself at the end of the snow forest path,
staring at the long ago home of my childhood,
as shingles began ripping from the rooftop 
transforming into feathers  transforming
into crows-in-black-satin, that swirled and soared . . .
into the crystal white of that imagined place

until, at length, I thought to myself
. . . what a sight . . . what an unbelievable sight . . .
and with that, I bounced out of my doze
back to wakefulness  wide-eyed in the real

though  I rose, nevertheless, to look for crows 
the childhood inclination for an ember of extraordinary
in an ordinary day  never having quite, been extinguished

graphic: Crows at the Border of Dreams - W. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke

Friday, 1 March 2019

the wander of a song

this is the wander of a song ...
that wends … wordless … down spirit trails …
down forest paths … on whiffle breeze ...
passed trees of bough and verdant veils ...

and in the notes ... a rustling sigh …
a faint recall ... of sweet birdsong …
rain drops in music on the green ...
piano purl of pebbled stream ...

I sense an eagle soars nearby ...
beyond and yonder to the shores …
where sky meets sea in blue on blue …
in billowed surf and mountain view ... 

I float … legato … in the clouds …
and in the clouds … and in white blooms
a choir of oaks in fluttering cloaks …
whisper wind wept whispered tunes ...

a lone birch beckons at lake's edge ...
to hush of waves and call of loon ...
and starry night … and lantern moon …
such is the wander of a song ...

“Where words fail, music speaks.” - Hans Christian Andersen 

photo:  Whistler, BC (another incredible shot taken by my daughter-in-law on a recent ski trip there) - H. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

is this the dream

A painting of a scene at night with 10 swirly stars, Venus, and a bright yellow crescent Moon. In the background there are hills, in the middle ground there is a moonlit town with a church that has an elongated steeple, and in the foreground there is the dark green silhouette of a cypress tree and houses.

... is this the dream …
that I cannot recall when I awaken
inexplicably elated

is this the scape that plays
across the sweep
of my mind's eye
when I float upon the notes
of silver music
in the glow
of the sublime …
is this the dream

... is this the dream …
is this the comfort …
is this the energy and guide …
is this the bestower of well-being

... the profundity
... the awesome majesty
... the celestial and divine

this heaven ... this peace ... this starry night

... is this the dream … 

painting:  The Starry Night (1889) by Vincent van Gogh - public domain.

© 2019 Wendy Bourke 

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

old souls and ancient trees

though its look
and its dimensions
are unremarkable, as trees go,
the maple tree, just inside
the portal to the park
has about it, an aspect
of mystic authenticity
– a spirit, I suppose –
that puts me in mind
of an old soul

and so, I sit at the picnic table
below its arms-wide-open
branches and share a sandwich
or a piece of fruit when I chance
to visit that reflective place, for

I have an affinity for old souls

– be they bark-or-bone –
the spaces they occupy
are calm and conducive
to contemplation and occasion
one to read, as I often do when
I am with them, for I know

that old souls are very wise
in the ways of truth and harmony
and nurturing and flourishing, and live
to confer their beneficence upon friends, 
to whom, old souls reveal
– by a myriad of means –
what is . . . and what will be

photo: Old Souls and Ancient Trees - W. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

heaven ... come to earth

in the city we, mostly, imagine stars …
for the city lights diminish
their resplendence

thus, in those moments when
magic is afoot and a twinkling
celestial canopy would further
gladden hearts with
a show of enchantment
… we dream up stars ...
and hang them round us
… sometimes we even wish upon them …

ethereal ... though they may be …
we know that they are there,
and so ... it must suffice, until …

we ... phantasmagorically ... are graced
with, an almost-never, precious-and-rare
wonderstruck night ... when,
glittering snowflakes tumble down to earth
in round gobbets as big as star dust
bunnies … and then

we are spellbound in the sparkles and the white …
as stars fall from the heavens …
floating to us ... so that, we can
reach out and hold them in our hands
… with joy …

for it is as if 
this world could not be more
... thrillingly ... perfect than it is,
in that hour of heaven ... come to earth

photo: Heaven Come to Earth  – W. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke

Friday, 18 January 2019

some kind of wonderful

it has been
many years, now,
since I have revelled  joyful 
in the white magic of snow
and yet …

I still recall …
those halcyon childhood days
when snowfall abracadabra'd
to this earth and suffused the world
in an enchanted sparkle

I still recall …
the sound of laughter
in the breathy mist
of children playing
 angels  in the wintry idyll

I still recall …
how I marveled at it all
 brown woods cloaked in white 
spell bound in the midst …
I still recall the fragrance of those hours

it has been
many years, now,
since I have revelled  joyful 
in the white magic of snow
and yet …

 it was some kind of wonderful … a kid …would never forget

note:  a theme I have chased after a few times - I find that, that which is closest to one's heart is the most allusive, to put to paper.  

photo: some kind of wonderful – W. Bourke

© 2019 Wendy Bourke

Thursday, 13 December 2018

A Holiday Puente



in that gentle place of light
between the peace of solitude 
and the joyful companionship of good souls

~ glad spirits bask in the warmth of contentment ~

when we find our way back to that sanctuary … 
we are comforted  …  we are renewed  …  it is the gift … 
that we seek  –  again and again  –  all the days of our lives

Best Wishes ... Peace and Joy throughout the Holidays and the New Year …
I am taking the rest of the year off from blogging, and will return in 2019.

photo:  This is the tree in the lobby of the Hotel Vancouver that I snapped two years ago, when my children took me for Christmas High Tea, there, as a treat … a lovely afternoon with family - W. Bourke

© 2017 Wendy Bourke

Friday, 30 November 2018

Did you notice

Did you notice that you just now 
looked me straight into the eye 

and with twisted words, you forked your tongue
and stooped to tell a lie.

Did you notice that my breath exhaled
upon a ragged sigh –
that my fists were clenched in anguish,
as you deigned to tell a lie.

Did you notice that you, smiled
as my silent tears ran dry –
as you flashed those pearly whites of yours
and chose to tell a lie.

Did you notice that your child stood
within earshot – so close by –
did you notice their expression
when they heard you ... tell a lie.

note:  Sherry Blue Sky and I, have been putting together a piece on repetition in poetry (which will be popping up in her column at Poet's United - I believe - some time this month).  Delving into the splendiferous effects that poets (through the ages and continuing into contemporary work) have achieved with this awesome literary device, has been fascinating ... at least, for this poetry lover ... and has rekindled my enthusiasm for wonderful repetition.  Though, I feel like I am just scratching the surface, this is the first of two poems (I'll be posting the other, next week) that have come out of my newly rekindled enthusiasm for this, truly multidimensional, poetic vehicle. 

graphic:  from October 1902 issue of The Delineator magazine (an American women's magazine of the late 19th and early 20th century).

© 2018 Wendy Bourke