Monday, 21 March 2016

Selected Tanka

I pressed his gift
of wildflowers
in the pages
of a heavy book . . .
that I could not get into

American Tanka: between cries, Issue 25, 2015 

winter rambling
I come upon snow angels
and bend
to give them halos –
she loved doing that

Ribbons Selected Tanka, Tanka Society of America, Fall 2015

in the big community garden
he stares at tiny seeds
in his little hand
and whispers...
so small

Tanka Café, Tanka Society of American, Fall 2015 

my father, the diviner –
strange title
I always thought
for a man who preferred
rum over water 

A Hundred Gourds, 5:2, March 2016 

I walk past
the street kid
holding out a dirty palm –
the gray day
begins spitting
Spent Blossoms Anthology, Tanka Society of America, Fall 2015 

photo:  Nitobe Japanese Garden, Vancouver - W. Bourke
© 2015/16 Wendy Bourke


  1. These are beautiful and you can feel the words...

  2. Perfection, Wendy! Love your crystalized thoughts!

  3. Beautiful collections, specially the last two ~

  4. I love the halves for the snow angels....and the whispered so small........

  5. Very good, Wendy. You're a quick learner.
    I particularly like the last two.

    1. And you are a wonderful teacher, Janet. The tanka that you post on your blog is so nuanced and delicate, I'm afraid, my humble efforts pale in comparison.

  6. These are all excellent. I am especially fond of the last two.

  7. It's calm and emotional at the same time. I feel the shadow of the sadness.