Sunday, 28 April 2013

uphill and into the wind

the morning croaked slowly awake
to the thickness of living

as Michael and I walked
in plopping wet steps,
uphill and into the wind,
through rain soaked grass
and shallow puddles.

I stopped, then -
to catch my breath.

and he stood there waiting
in the bird chirps.

uphill and into the wind
gets harder with the years -
and I wished
we had stayed put, altogether.

he took my hand and whispered:
come on, we're almost at the top.

I replied with a sniggled:  h-m-m-m,
so you keep telling me.

he laughed - beautiful -
and gave my arm a gentle tug.

photo:  I took this photo on a path at Nitobe Memorial Garden, at the University of British Columbia.  Nitobe Garden is considered to be among the top five Japanese gardens outside of Japan.  Each tree, stone and shrub has been deliberately placed to reflect a symbolic representation and harmony in nature.  The garden is designed to suggest a span of time - a day, a week or a lifetime - with a beginning, choice of paths, and ending.

© 2013 Wendy Bourke

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