Sunday, 9 March 2014

better with tea and bird chirps

the moody afternoon
was so very “March” –
gusting about in fickle fits:
flipping, belligerently,
from jolly-sunny to storm-a-brewing . . .
and back

in recalcitrant damp chills
and imperious blasts that belied
the – periodically –
glorious bright, blue, azure sky.

and so:
I drank steaming cups of camomile tea
and noshed on chocolate chip cookies

and listened to
Mendelssohn's Spring Song,
with bird chirps

. . . defiantly . . .
dreaming of spring. 

notes:  Felix Mendelssohn’s Spring Song (or "Frühlingslied" – 1843-1845) WITH BIRD CHIRPS - is available on the Hennie Bekker  CD the Classics II on the Solitudes - Exploring Nature with Music label, and can be found on utube (sans chirps).

camomile tea is made from the camomile plant (of the Asteraceae family) that blooms from late spring through summer.

 photo:  Field of Spring Daffodils – W. Bourke

 © 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. ah the last 2 days have felt like spring here...i hope it lasts...they are saying it will through we too celebrate it while we can...soaked a bunch of sun was very nice...

  2. These days we live in hope - no matter where we live - and wait for the sun to "stick".

  3. so well captivated the moody season....

  4. It's true, I do tend to think of March as a bit of a moody, histrionic melt-down of a month.

  5. ahh yes...if you dream it, it will come...smiles...You definitely got March down to a "T" here. What a dreamy photo too...

    1. Nothing say "Spring" like daffodils! Smiles.

  6. gusting about in fickle fits:
    flipping, belligerently,
    from jolly-sunny to storm-a-brewing . .

    The lull before the storm so to speak. Yes, the feeling is all for having spring right away. The cool of winter is still lingeringly present. Great write Wendy!


  7. Thanks, Hank. By this time of the year, spring can not get here fast enough, it's true.

  8. I hate to say it but.... Spring scares me a bit, because my allergies go wild. Also, here, it's the start of a hot season that lasts for 7-8 months. But I like the spunky defiance you exhibit in your poem, as well as that cheerful photo!

  9. 7 - 8 months of hot weather. Ouch! I may have to rethink March.