Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bird Sanctuary

I am always surprised 
when I come upon
the bird sanctuary,

for it seems to rise
from the trail
out of the blue –

as, all at once,
the sounds of the city 
are replaced in a birdsong,
of twitters and chirps 
and occasional quacks.

And so, I try not to disturb,
their little haven, 
and wend lightly
along the meandering path, 
as all cares fall away.

From time to time,
as I float, on my invisible wings 
in mystic spirit breezes

I chance, momentarily,
to hear the sound of children 
whispering to the birds.

That is the most tender, gentle sound . . .
I think . . . that I have ever heard.

note:  the prompt for Poetry Jam this week is “The Unexpected”.

photo:  The Bird Sanctuary at Burnaby Lake:  Canada Goose and Goslings – W. Bourke 

© 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. ha. i think it is as well...really a tender piece
    i love children...and i think they see things much different
    than us...maybe they even understand the birds...
    maybe we forget...but what a surprise on that path...

  2. What a lovely piece this is. Wonderful description of something unexpectedly encountered.

  3. One hears them with their melodious sounds. An orchestra naturally coordinated. The children's shrieks make it complete! Wonderful write Wendy!


  4. Oh, it would be wonderful to see such a sanctuary, Wendy. There really is something quite special about young birds, I think. In spring I often walk around a small lake where I see mother ducks with their ducklings. This makes my heart sing. Your poem is also a reminder to take a look at what one sees along the path of life.

  5. Nature in the heart of a city is always a rare find. I used to live in a town that had a nature reserve next to the train station, a little sanctuary for people to enjoy. Thanks for reminding me of such places.

  6. A nice surprise, to watch the children observing the birds, and hear all the questions they come up with

    Have a nice Wednesday

    Much love...

  7. the words seem to rise out of a reservoir of peace and the surprise at the end is beautifully pleasant...

  8. What a nice surprise...birdsong replacing city sounds. And your close is a surprise as least it was to me. Birds and children...a lovely melody. And congratulations on those publications!! You so deserve it! Beaming with big smiles here.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. The Ontario Poetry Society has been an incredibly positive experience for me and, from what I understand from their website, membership is now open to the US.

  9. The warm soothing nature's hug:)

  10. so sweet..loved your poem a lot..nothing to replace nature..and children's innocence..:)

  11. I especially love "I float, on my invisible wings
    in mystic spirit breezes" - makes me want to visit our local bird sanctuary......

  12. Wendy, so lovely. It is wonderful to find those slices of nature. We had goslings when my boys were teens and they were absolutely smitten with the babies, it was so cute. Your photo is absolutely delightful, too. Thank you for the reminder of that time :-)

  13. Beautiful.... I love the last line...

  14. We have a bird sanctuary near the water where I live--I often take my dog on the trail next to it, so I can see and hear this slice of life--every time I read one of your pieces I am struck but its depth--same here Wendy--Happy Sunday!

  15. Lovely tender piece that really creates a tranquil feeling, beautiful.

  16. Oh, how wonderful to be able to capture moments like this!

  17. Lovely, serene and gentle, Wendy. A pleasure to read.

  18. …to hear the sound of children
    whispering to the birds

    There you are again - so finely tuned to nature, children, and the whole world around you!

  19. Lovely words, Wendy! Now I want to visit that sanctuary!