Sunday, 29 March 2015

like multicolored flowers

he turned and walked away
and the saddest parts of me
grew sadder for he’d left
without the slightest intimation
of feeling – nor did I detect
a drop of longing to linger
near me …  a moment more

and then, as if my hurt had
slapped him on the back
like a drunkard’s bid to bond:
he spun round, startled and,
fleetingly, looked oddly lost
in that familiar place – and then –
a trace of recollection flickered

and in his eyes, I glimpsed regret
for the perfunctory emptiness
of his good-bye – and then,
he smiled, in the way he had for me,
as he erased his steps and returned
to hold me in a subtle hug … evocative
and nuanced as a field of multicolored  flowers 

photo:  Multicolored Flowers – M.S. Bourke

© 2015 W. Bourke  


  1. communication without words is sweet indeed:)

  2. I read this poem carefully, Wendy; and to me it expresses the sadness of a person leaving & not knowing that the leaving was hurtful. And then after some second thoughts he does realize & give the hug that indicates he HAS realized. And his hug has deep meaning, as deep as all the colors of the flowers. Very moving!

    1. Thanks Mary. It's so true! I think it is easy in our busy lives to not take in and appreciate relationships - to sleep walk through opportunities to express affection for those we care above and reaffirm that connection and the history we share. Inevitably, the recollection of how it "once was" becomes apparent and it is hurtful and, occasionally, can even become toxic. That is why it is important, when we have those little epiphanies when something isn't quite right - that we turn back and fix it, before we go forward. And, of course, a hug says a lot. As the expression goes: stop, and smell the roses.

  3. I love the way you connect the feeling of what is remembered and cherished between the two in relationship with those gorgeous flowers. Perfect as a dazzling spring day, Wendy.

  4. The picture of the multicolored flowers fits so well with that feeling of an understanding blooming. Sometimes coping with a loss just require such an understanding... beautiful choice of words.