Sunday, 17 January 2016

"Thanks for the Heads Up."


as he went to step down from the ladder,
the rung gave way under his foot 
he tried to climb back up the ladder,
but the ladder just wouldn`t stay put  
it started to slowly lurch backwards,
so he grabbed at the wide window ledge 
which made the blamed thing start to wobble ...
and he managed to just miss the edge 
he seized the old weather-worn shutter,
and tore off a chuck of the trim 
he dropped and bounced out of an oak tree,
attempting to straddle a limb 
he lunged for the thorny rose trellis 
and as he was flipping through air ...
somebody yelled out the window:

"That ladder's in need of repair."

note:  a bit of silliness posted for Poets United:  though, for many years - with 4 teenage kids coming and going -   "Thanks for the Heads Up" could often be heard, sarcastically delivered on the heels of "Oh, I forgot to tell you ...".

Light poetry has a centuries long history of making a serious point in a subtle (usually amusing), less disrespectful or insulting way.  Pinned (often somewhat surreptitiously) to much larger "real" situations, light poetry was a means of bringing "off-limits" subject matter  into the public consciousness.  For that reason (and the fact that I love rhyme, done well) I like to have a go at it every once in a while - though I know its popularity has greatly diminished.  Smiles.

photo/graphic:  ``Thanks for the Heads Up.`` - W. Bourke

© 2013 Wendy Bourke


  1. Enjoyed that!! :)

  2. What a superb poem - light maybe but with substance...two steps forward one step back..we all know the is probably good and healthy to laugh at it..otherwise we'd never even get on the first the title also

    1. Thanks, Jae. I do think that there is, often, a lot of substance tucked away in the lines of light verse ... probably why I have always been drawn to it.

  3. Thank heaven I have given up using ladders and can walk away with a clean record. An amusing but possibly bruising piece.

  4. love the cuteness and levity of an otherwise 'thorny' situation.


  5. There is something comic in falling from a ladder.. I'm reminded by Dr Urbino from "love in the time of the cholera"... And laughter can easily get stuck in my throat..,

  6. Ha, if only someone had warned him ahead of time of the danger....there are many times in life where the sentence 'thanks for the heads up' perhaps comes a bit too late. Smiles. Your poem about the ladder though reminded me of the window washers rescued from a dangling scaffold in Houston last week. Wonder what thoughts went through THEIR heads before rescue. And...I definitely am one who hates climbing ladders under any circumstances.

  7. The writing in this is executed just perfectly....unlike the warning that came far too late for the poor bloke on the ladder :-P

  8. LOL, I so enjoyed the levity in this poem. So nice to read a humorous poem in among the many serious ones. Thank you, my friend.

  9. Oh I could just visualize this happening to me! Loved this bit or ironic humor!

  10. love the touch of iron in this !

  11. Unfortunately. I don't know if I should laugh or cringe...either way, hahaha...oops I laughed. darn.

  12. Ha. What fun this piece is. I so enjoy your light verse, Wendy. You've a knack for this!

  13. Wendy, This made me laugh as the scene played out in my head. Very enjoyable and gee I think it is time to buy a new ladder.

  14. Ha ha ha! I think it is very clever to write funny poetry successfully, and the rollicking metre suits it perfectly.

  15. Attempting to straddle a limb yikes! I don't think the ladder is the only thing in need of repair after that fall. Very good!

  16. So, true at times we forget to see the things that really matter and concentrate on the things that could have been overlooked.

  17. a fall is forgivable if the tragedy of H.Dumpty is avoided...'careful' is an important word in life :)

  18. That ladder's in need of repair

    Sometimes one tends to take unnecessary risks which may not mean much if no injuries occur. But can never tell!


  19. the heads up came a tad too late!

    totally enjoyed this piece of light poetry. loved its rollicking pace and rhyme. :)

  20. I was smiling at the end ~ I hope you are well Wendy ~

  21. Your poems are so entertaining and original!

  22. This might have been me in another life! Smiles to you!