Wednesday, 25 June 2014

enchanted garden

adrift in the city 
I came upon a garden

it must have been enchanted 
for the fragrant breezes 
washed over my tired body 
and I was restored

my old soul sighed 
to shushing leafy branches
that hushed the rattle of the street

and I felt a wisp of a smile 
curl round the hard corners of my mouth

my heart soared as I 
cast my eyes from the joyful patchwork
of soft, pretty petals and nodding blossoms 
to the heavenly white-cloud-blue-sky

and then:  like magic, 
my loneliness vanished – 
and a lovely solitude fell upon me

note:  The prompt from Poetry Jam this week is "Alone".

photos:  Flower Garden:  on the grounds of the Irving House Museum in New Westminster (the oldest remaining home on the Lower Mainland of British Columbia) – W. Bourke

© 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. nice..i love finding those places in the city....pockets of life...little gardens...looking forward to returning to the High Line in NYC when we go next month....and loneliness to solitude...def a different kinda journey...smiles.

    1. Vancouver is a big city and I often find myself a bit adrift in it. But, it must be said, the town is chockablock full of lovely serene garden spots - little nooks and crannies - little pieces of heaven - that one comes upon, often serendipitously or by happenstance; and the place redeems itself again and again.

  2. a wonderful photo Wendy like a dreamland...and the beautiful lines reflect its effects...specially the dawning of solitude...

    1. Like a dreamland . . . I thought it to be so, myself.

  3. To be with nature..............................never alone

  4. This is a beautiful garden! I like how it made you switch from loneliness to 'lovely solitude'. I hope urbanists never forget how much we need these lovely spots.

  5. I am fascinated that we as humans still realize the value in nature for our souls, bodies and minds. It will be a sad day when we decide it is all frivolous and there is no real need!
    This was a beautiful piece - both pictures and words! The switch from being lonely to enjoying the solitude is a fine line and barely discernible, but ever so real!

  6. I agree with Gabriella, Wendy - great switch from loneliness to solitude. Really, I think if we feel 'lonely' we can probably all benefit from thinking about your poem and going to some place of beauty where we can experience the 'solitude' that gives us a sense of peace.

  7. One thing about Vancouver, it has many beautiful parks, wildlands, ravines, water sources and places of beauty. I love the switch from loneliness to solitude through the balm of the beautiful setting.

  8. Vancouver was one of the highlights of our trip to Canada and it reminded us so much of Melbourne, where we live.
    One of the joys of living in a city like Melbourne are its multitude of parks and parklands where one may find blessed peace and solitude. Wonderful write, Wendy!

  9. The whole poem is beautiful, but the last stanza is outstanding. I just love the way you have made the difference between "loneliness" and "solitude" clear. It left me speechless and wondering. Simply a masterpiece, Wendy!

  10. I hope my comment came through Wendy. It just seems to have disappeared here. Anyway worth repeating that I like your poem and its subtlety very much.

  11. This is a lovely little oasis.A touch of whimsy and sadness in this one. I am pleased you are person who can be consoled by visual loveliness.Tis important.

  12. Beautiful words and wonderful images of a heart at peace and happy. I can taste the tranquility.

  13. Thank you for teaching us the difference btw loneliness and solitude. A lovely, gentle poem. And gorgeous photos.

  14. Enchanting indeed. What a fantastic respite. Those are the best places...solitude can be so nourishing. Nicely captured Wendy!