Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lake House Trilogy: Part I - at the lake house

at the lake house:
I am set blissfully free 
- almost as soon as I arrive - 

it is as though, 
I loosen my imaginary girdle stays 
and unravel like a tightly scrolled map

as the treasure of unadorned simplicity 
is, once more, revealed to me

unknotted, unbuttoned and unclenched, 
I fall into wakeful rest 
in lake scent and sparkles and 
the heavenly hush of lapping waves

sometimes, my mind wanders 
through crinkled red-checkered 
gingham yesterdays

but mostly,  I am happy 
to be, peaceful, in the speckled moment

and let the spell of the lake 
wash over me. 

note:  I am back from a family lake holiday.  There are 11 of us now and, as I spent many hours keeping the little ones entertained, the poetry was put on hold for a bit.  But I will endeavor to catch up on some of the posts I’ve missed. 

photo:  Pinecrest Lake (Pinecrest Lake is a beautiful mountain lake found in the Pacific Range of British Columbia's Coast Mountains, located just off the Sea-to-Sky Highway) – W. Bourke

© 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. i sleep so good when i am out in the wild...that lake scent...away from the world...and peaceful...i hear you...i need a lake house...ha...guess my tent will have to do...

    1. Our family goes to a lake (at least) every other year - same family different lake. I think most people would be amazed at how affordable it is when families go together and all the adults chip in a portion of the cost. The last "cottage" we stayed at was a rustic palace - just beautiful: 6 bedrooms, plus reading room with pull out futons, 4 bathrooms, wonderful stone fireplace (but I digress). The cost per day per adult was less than $20 a day. My daughter-in-law is a little wizard at tracking down these places on the internet, though - so that helps!

  2. I find it marvelous what a simple life can do for a human.. chopping wood.. looking at the trees feeling the wind.. there is something truly magic about that ...

    1. "Magic" is the perfect description. There is nothing quite like that feeling to be found anywhere in the city.

  3. i find a pattern in this series as well (@ dVerse poets are playing with pattern) i began with your third part where there's joy of companionship with happy souls, in the second one togetherness with a special one & this one's the bliss of solitude..alone-time :)

    1. Oh Sumana, you are so good at picking up on those little poetic subtleties. You are very perceptive.

  4. What a lovely place for a vacation. Glad you were blissfully set free! Enjoyed this!

  5. Ahhhhh....that is exactly how I feel when I go to the lake! We typically visit Lake Chelan yearly for several days, but we didn't this year (opted for Yellowstone instead, which was wonderful) but there is just something about that "wakeful rest" and the scent of the lake I love.

  6. I love this--it must feel wonderful to go and let loose and feel the sense of wonder and freedom--I love the sense too in your piece of wakeful rest--

  7. One yearns to go back to nature. There is space open space tucked away from the concrete jungle.A family outing would be fun. Wonderful write Wendy!


  8. How wonderful to have a lake house. I think it would be so very relaxing and restful to commune with nature like this and to be under the spell of that lake.