Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lake House Trilogy: Part II - the dock at the lake house

at the lake house:
before I became aware 
of your sandaled footsteps 
on the dock, where I sat – 
in dreamy kick-splashes, the air 
was faintly tinged 
with the scent of irish spring soap, 
on warm pacific range breezes, 
and I knew that you were near

I was cradled,
in the blue yonder of sky 
and etched mountains 
and the tree encircled sketched 
azure lake, and as I 
created undulating water rings, 
artfully, with my toes 
and drank the moment 
in small, lingering sips 
of iced perrier

I felt your hands on my hair 
and your fingers wrap 
round my cheeks 
to the edges of my lips 
and so, I tipped my head back 
and looked up at you:

with your head in the clouds
photo:  Pinecrest Lake Dock – W. Bourke

© 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. it is wonderful to have that serenity...that peaceful aloneness out there on the dock making your little ripples...then again it is awesome to have someone to share it with as well...

  2. That moment when you go from blissful solitude to soft togetherness.. that transition is one of the best moments one can have.. from one perfect state to another.

  3. Gorgeous. One of my favs of yours.

  4. Just lovely. Such a loving poem!