Monday, 27 October 2014

. . . and they lived Happily Ever After

I was a dreamer
deep within the forest fall
sitting restlessly,
amongst the dying leaves

drifting . . .
in and out of sleep, again and again
on lyrical and then,  discordant cords

that slowly crumbled
and blew away on golden warm winds
just as ashen breezes flutter branches bare,
as white winter approaches

until, at last, a lovely harmonious
peace – fell upon me . . .  completely . . .

and, at that instant, you appeared,
your head tilted with that kind, quizzical smile
you only wear for me – and I

named that moment, Happily Ever After –
for really, I could have died in your arms
right then and there,
and my last words would have been:
. . .  and they lived, Happily Ever After.

note:  If there is one thing that I have learned about relationships (and I am speaking here about all long-long term relationships that stay good) is that – if you can let it go (if it can be let go of – and often, alas, it cannot, and I really do get that) but if you can let it go . . .  the crummy stuff tends to blow away.

photo:  In Golden Warm Winds – W. Bourke

© 2014 Wendy Bourke 


  1. sounds like a beautiful moment shared...the look only you know...thanks for sharing it with us just a bit...cause love is priceless

    1. Yes, indeed, love is priceless. And I do believe that relationships must, occasionally be accessed with clarity and affection. Too often, they are caught up in and dragged down by the minutia of slogging through tough times. But if you can work through those times and let the residual stuff go, those struggles turn to almost nothing as the years move past by them.

  2. I understand that kind of happily ever after feeling. When a person experiences it, it is a priceless thing! It is wonderful to be with someone and have that special feeling, knowing that if one died right then one would have known that one had lived and was happy. In life, one can ask for little more. What a beautiful poem, Wendy!

  3. Sigh. You've captured that 'ah-ha moment' perfectly ... and the challenge IS to let the yuck stuff go once it's past and re-capture that 'ah-ha' as often as possible.

  4. If only one can let go and give way it certainly will be reciprocated by the other party.This is the basis of a lot of successful unions. If only many of the young people can discover this early in their marriage there would be less heartache! Truly said Wendy!


  5. It is true with most of life and love, the chaff will vanish in air and the precious will remain. Beautiful!

  6. I love the thought of autumn and the happily ever after.. the difference of what the ashen winter might mean.. the togetherness makes all the difference... we need to be reminded constantly.

  7. Beautiful thoughts of a beautiful heart.

  8. A happily ever after moment is a space like Paradise and demands sacrifices like demolishing of ego and forgiveness, almost a divine has that write so beautifully Wendy....

    1. Thank you, Sumana. You too, write beautifully.

  9. A warm, upbeat poem. I just love "and I named that moment, Happily Ever After."

  10. Yes...there is peace when you can let stuff go. Beautifully captured, Wendy. I like the naming of the moment--how cool is that!